Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece

Piezo-Electric Ultrasonic Scaler
Brand : Woodpecker
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  • Performs Multi-function: Scaling, perio and endo.
  • Optical handpiece, more convenient for clinical operation.
  • The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to 135℃ and 0.22MPa.
  • The handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability.
  • The cable is made from silica gel tube which is soft and durable.
Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece
  • The scaling tip is made of special material.The cavitation produced at the end of scaling tip helps in easy cleaning of the teeth.
  • It Eliminates dental calculus, bacterial plaque and tea stains on the teeth quickly without hurting the gum or the enamel.
  • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs functions more steadily
  • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient in scaling.
  • Compatible with EMS, you could connect your EMS handpiece with this control box, and you could also connect this Woodpecker UDS handpiece with EMS control box.
  • CE and FDA certificated.
Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece
Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece

DTE D5 ultrasonic scaler by WOODPECKER with OPTIC HANDPIECE has Sealed handpiece with Automatic frequency tracking system which automatically searches for the best working frequency which has Automatic degenerative feedback, constant power output, and more comfortable scaling

Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece


  • Main unit input: 24V-50Hz/60Hz  1.3A
  • Output power: 3W-20W
  • Frequency: 28kHz ± 3kHz
  • Water pressure: 0.1bar ~ 5bar(0.01MPa ~ 0.5MPa)
  • Main unit weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 188mm×159mm×81mm
  • Manufacturer/Importer Warranty of 1 Year on all the parts of the product & 5 years Warranty (from the date of invoice) on PCB (Power Circuit Board).
  • Physical damage is not cover in any case
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
  • Flipdent will not be liable to replace the Products and the liability to replace any such Product is that of the Manufacturer/Importer
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  • Piezo-Electric Ultrasonic Scaler
  • 1 x Main unit  
  • 1 x Detachable handpiece  
  • 1 x Adapter for power supply
  • 1 x Foot switch  
  • 1 x Torque Wrench  
  • 1 x Water pipe
  • Scaling tip (1 x scaling tip ED1T, 1 x Scaling tip GD1T X2, 1 x Scaling tip GD2T, 1 x Scaling tip PD1T)
  • 4 x Waterproof “O” ring  
  • 1 x Qualified certificate 
  • 1 x Packing list
  • 1 x Instruction manual  
  • 1 x Warranty card
Woodpecker Dte D5 Scaler With Optic Handpiece
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