Flowable light-curing base composite
Brand : Voco
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Voco X-Tra Base Caps 16 x 0.25g Rs. 4,800
Voco X-Tra Base Syringe 2 x 2g Rs. 5,600

X-Tra base is a radiopaque, light-curing flowable composite. In contrast to conventional flowables, it is characterised by an increased depth of cure while at the same time showing reduced shrinkage stress, which means that it can be cured in layers of 4 mm thickness.


  • 4 mm restoration base in one simple step
  • Cures reliably in only 10 seconds (shade universal)
  • Perfect surface affinity for outstanding adaption
  • High level of radiopacity (350 %Al)
  • Can be combined with any methacrylate-based bonding or composite
  • The non-dripping NDT-syringe or convenient Flow-Caps with bendable metal cannulae ensure a reliable, precisely accurate application


  • Base in class I and II cavities
  • Cavity lining under direct restorative materials in class I and II cavities
  • Small, non occlusal stress-bearing class I restorations according to minimally invasive filling therapy
  • Class III and V restorations
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Undercut block out
  • Repair of small enamel defects
  • Repair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorations
  • Repair of temporary C&B-materials
  • Core build-up



  • Lock the enclosed intraoral tip on the syringe with a clockwise turn and directly apply x-tra base.
  • In order to guarantee the functionality of the non-dripping syringe do not pull back the plunger during or after use.


  • Remove protective cap.
  • Insert Caps into the opening of the dispenser.
  • Bend the metal cannula into the desired direction.
  • Begin applying the material directly into the prepared cavity at the deepest point and fill the cavity from bottom to top.
  • Keep the tip of the metal cannula immersed all times.
  • To prevent the formation of air bubbles ensure a slow, even flow. If necessary, air bubbles or excess material can be removed before polymerisation.
  • When used as a base/liner the distance to the occlusal margin of the cavity must be at least 2 mm. x-tra base can be polymerised in increments up to 4 mm
  • X-tra base Caps 16 x 0.25g: 16 x 0.25g Caps
  • X-tra base Syringe 2 x 2g: 2 x 2g Syringes
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