Coloured Light Cure Compomer
Brand : Voco
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Flow Syringe 2g Rs. 2,750
Refill Caps 25 x 0.25g Rs. 6,700
Set Caps 40 x 0.25g Rs. 10,500

Twinky Star: Coloured light-curing compomer with glitter effect. Also, available as flowable.

Voco-Twinky-Star Voco-Twinky-Star Voco-Twinky-Star


  • Eight attractive colours with glitter effect
  • Easy and quick application from Caps
  • Based on the proven VOCO compomer technology
  • Shade guide with original material
  • Parents can more easily motivate children to see the dentist
  • Target group marketing tools available.

INDICATION: Restoration of deciduous teeth.


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  • Store at temperatures between 4 °C - 23 °C.
  • To avoid exposure to light and potentially resulting polymerisation, syringes should be closed immediately after dispensing.


  • Lock the enclosed application cannula on the syringe with a clockwise turn and directly apply Twinky Star Flow.
  • For fillings with a thickness of over 2 mm, apply and cure in layers.
  • In order to ensure the functionality of the non-dripping syringe do not pull back the plunger during or after use
  • Twinky Star Refill Caps 25 x 0.25g: 25 x 0.25g Refill Caps
  • Twinky Star - Set Caps 40 x 0.25g: 40 x 0.25g Refill Caps + Shade Guide
  • Twinky Star Flow Syringe 2g: 1 x 2g Flow Syringe
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