Enamel Bonding Agent
Brand : Voco
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  • High material elasticity and permanently tight margins
  • “Stick-immediately-effect” for easy application of the restorative
  • Universal for all light-curing restoratives 

Solobond M: Light-curing universal one component dentine/enamel bonding agent


  • Direct restoration of all cavity classes with all light-curing restoratives in total-etch technique


  • Tightly close Solobond M bottles after use.
  • Store at temperatures between 4°C - 23°C (storage at 5°C - 8°C prolongs the shelf life of the product).
  • Do not expose Solobond M to direct sunlight


  • The adhesive bond within the total-etch technique is achieved as follows:
  • Drying Due to the subsequent application of light-curing restorative material, it is necessary to dry the tooth surface. Avoid any contamination of the cavity with blood or saliva. The use of a rubber dam is recommended.
  • Preparation Prepare the cavity according to the principles of the adhesive restoration technique. Areas close to the pulp should be protected with a suitable calcium hydroxide based liner.
  • Etching of enamel margins Etch entire cavity with etching gel (Vococid) starting from the enamel margin (enamel: approx. 20 - 30 s, dentine: 15 s maximum). Remove etching gel by suction, rinse for approx. 20 s and remove excess moisture with an air blower. Do not overdry dentine. The surface should remain slightly moist. The etched enamel should have a chalk-white/matt appearance. If not, repeat etching.
  • Solobond M dispensing Dispense Solobond M onto a Micro Tim or a disposable brush. As an alternative, dispense Solobond M onto a mixing pallet.
  • Solobond M application Apply Solobond M homogeneously to all prepared enamel and dentine surfaces with Micro Tim or a disposable brush and allow to act for 30 s. Then disperse Solobond M with a faint air jet and polymerise with LED/halogen light for 20 s. Do not remove or contaminate the inhibition layer since it is important for the adhesion to the composite.
  • Work the filling material.
  • 1 x 4ml Bottle
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