All-in-one – Professional prophylaxis
Brand : Voco
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Prophylaxis set offers you the opportunity to try a number of different products from the oral care section.


  • Fluoridate, Protect, Care, Seal
  • Also for individual prophylaxis
  • For your daily and special practice

Voco CleanJoy: Fluoride-containing tooth cleaning and polishing paste in three cleaning grades. 

  • Stable, homogenous consistency
  • Free of parabens
  • No splashing (2,000 - 3,000 r / min)
  • Traffic light coding: simple to use without confusion
  • RDA values: coarse (red) = 195, medium (yellow) = 127,fine (green) = 16
  • Can be used with any conventional instrument
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride (700 ppm)

Voco Profluorid Varnish: Fluoride-containing dental desensitising varnish (5 % NaF). 

  • Easy to apply on wet surfaces
  • Esthetic, tooth-shaded varnish
  • Fast desensitisation and fluoride release (5 % NaF ≙ 22,600 ppm fluoride)
  • Available in five pleasant flavours: melon, mint, cherry, caramel and bubble gum
  • Economical application in thin layers, high yield.

Voco Remin Pro & Remin Pro forte: Protective dental care with fluoride and hydroxy apatite 

Voco Remin Pro

  • Contains fluoride (1,450 ppm), hydroxy apatite and xylitol
  • Provides a balanced oral flora and thus protects the teeth against harmful acid attacks
  • Strengthens the teeth after whitening and professional cleaning
  • Cariostatic properties from the contained xylitol
  • Can be used daily and especially well-suited for use at home

Voco Remin Pro forte

  • In addition with high-quality ginger and curcuma extracts
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
  • All-round support of oral health
  • Prevention and control of hypersensitivities
  • Promotes healing and regeneration of inflamed mucosa

Voco Grandio Seal

  • Light-curing nano-hybrid fissure sealant
  • Use of nano-fillers for optimal flow behaviour
  • With 70 % w/w highest filler content in its class
  • Outstanding physical properties in abrasion, strength and shrinkage values
  • Excellent handling
  • Optimal wetting properties
  • Perfect marginal adaptation

Voco Prophylaxis Set Include

  • 2 × 100g CleanJoy Tube  
  • 1 x 40g Remin Pro Melon Tube
  • 1 x 40g Remin Pro forte Ginger Tube  
  • 2 × 2g Grandio Seal Syringes
  • 12 × 0.4ml Profluorid Varnish SingleDose (3 each of melon, caramel, mint, cherry
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