Light-curing Composite
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Polofil Supra: Light-curing microhybrid composite with Sintraglass multifiller system

Voco-Polofil-Supra-Syringe-Refills Voco-Polofil-Supra-Syringe-Refills Voco-Polofil-Supra-Syringe-Refills Voco-Polofil-Supra-Syringe-Refills Voco-Polofil-Supra-Syringe-Refills


  • Combines the advantages of micro-filled and macro-filled composites
  • Non-sticky, good packability
  • Abrasion-proof and stable shades
  • Low shrinkage


  • For cavities classes I to V
  • Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
  • Veneering of discoloured anteriors
  • Splinting, locking of teeth

STORAGE: Store at temperatures between 4°C - 23°C.

WARNING: Syringes and bonding material bottles should be closed immediately after dispensing to prevent exposure to light.


  • For fillings of more than 2 mm, apply and polymerise in layers (cure each layer for approx. 40 - 60 s).
  • To light-cure this material conventional polymerisation devices are suited.
  • The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cm2 on halogen polymerisation devices and 300 mW/cm2 on LED devices.
  • The curing depth, depending on the shade, is approx. 2 - 5 mm, when polymerised for 60 s. The curing depth is approx. 2 - 3 mm for translucent shades, if light-curing is done through enamel (approx. 1 mm). Transparent strips, crowns and/or Iight wedges should be used.
  • Care should be taken to ensure good marginal adaption.
  • Hold the light source of the halogen light as close as possible to the surface of the filling. If the distance is more than 5 mm, the curing depth may compromise. Polymerisation may be limited to the area of the cone of light only.
  • Insufficient curing can lead to discolouration and pulp irritation.
  • The filling can be finished and polished immediately after removing the transparent strips/crowns (fine or extra-fine grain diamond, polishing discs).
  • During finishing and polishing the filling must be cooled.
  • The margin of the filling, or even better the entire tooth, should be fluoridated as a final step.
  • Polofil Supra can be used for direct and indirect inlays according to the customary methods.
  • The physical stability values can be improved by usual external (additional) curing.
  • 1 x Refill 4g
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