LC Glass Ionomer Restorative
Brand : Voco
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Voco-Ionolux-Powder-Liquid Voco-Ionolux-Powder-Liquid Voco-Ionolux-Powder-Liquid Voco-Ionolux-Powder-Liquid


  • No conditioning of tooth surfaces before placement of the filling
  • No varnish required
  • Ideal for Sandwich technique
  • Does not flow from the cavity
  • Easy, direct and bubble-free application


  • Restorations class III an V, especially cervical fillings and root caries
  • Fillings on deciduous teeth
  • Small class I fillings
  • Temporary fillings
  • Core build-up
  • Lining


  • In case of contact with oral mucosa or skin, remove immediately with a cotton soaked in alcohol. Flush with water.
  • In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Ionolux contains polyacrylic acid, fluorosilicate glass, amines, BHT and methacrylates. Do not use Ionolux in case of known allergies against any of the ingredients.
  • Phenolic substances, especially eugenol- and thymol-containing preparations disturb the polymerisation of the restorative. Do not use zinc-oxide eugenol cements or other eugenol-containing materials together with filling cements.


  • Store at temperatures between 4°C – 23°C.
  • Tightly close powder and liquid container immediately after use.



  • Shake the powder and the liquid bottle thoroughly for at least 3 s prior to dispensing. 
  • Dispense a level spoonful of powder onto a suitable mixing pad. 
  • Close the bottle immediately after dispensing to protect the powder against moisture. 
  • Dose 2 drops of liquid per level scoop of powder (powder/liquid ratio 3.2 : 1 g/g). 
  • Hold the bottle vertically when dispensing the drops. 
  • The dropper should be free from dried residues. 
  • Close the liquid bottle immediately after use. 
  • Work the first half of the powder into the liquid, then the second; for this, use spatulas of solid plastic or other abrasion-proof materials. Spread out the paste several times to achieve a homogeneous consistency. 
  • Process the cement at room temperature (15°C – 23°C).


  • Place a matrix, if necessary. 
  • Apply the mixed Ionolux into the cavity with a suitable instrument and contour. 
  • Then light-cure with a suitable polymerisation lamp. 
  • Fillings of more than 2 mm thickness should be applied and light-cured in layers.


  • The material can be light-cured with market-available polymerisation lamps. 
  • Their output should not be lower than 500 mW/cm². 
  • The curing time is 20 s per layer. 
  • Hold the tip of the light-curing lamp as close as possible to the surface of the filling. 
  • If the distance is more than 5 mm, the curing depth will be smaller.

Finishing After light-curing, remove excess material and finish and polish the filling as usual.

  • 1 x Powder / liquid (12 g / 5 ml) A2  
  • 1 x Accessories
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