Voco Ionofil Molar -Liquid/Powder

Glass Ionomer Restorative Material
Brand : Voco
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It is a Packable glass ionomer filling cement.

  • Very high abrasion resistance, compressive and transverse strength
  • Good adhesion to dentine and enamel
  • Very durable fillings
  • Continuous high fluoride release
  • Radiopaque
  • Biocompatible
  • Tooth-like aesthetic translucency


  • Class I restoration (non occlusion-bearing)
  • Long-term temporary class I and II restoration
  • Lining and build-up fillings
  • Core build-up
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth
  • Restoration of V-shaped defects and cervical enamel erosions



  • The adhesion of VOCO lonofil Molar to enamel and dentine prevents the formation of marginal gaps and creates retentions. 
  • Undercuts give additional hold to the filling.
  • The layer thickness of fillings should not be less than 1 mm. 
  • Avoid feather-shaped margins. 
  • In case of doubt choose conventional preparation. 
  • Clean the cavity (e. g. 3 % hydrogen peroxide), thoroughly rinse with water and dry (warm air). 
  • Do not overdry dentine. 
  • If the remaining dentine is thicker than 1.5 mm additional lining is not necessary. 
  • Cover areas in close proximity to the pulp with calcium hydroxide to avoid pulp irritations which may occur in cases of insufficient dentine thickness. 
  • Apply VOCO lonofil Molar at room temperature (19 °C - 23 °C); in case of high temperatures the use of a cooled glass plate is advantageous. Low temperatures prolong the working time. 
  • Furthermore, VOCO Ionofil Molar is suitable for use for the purposes of ART-technique (Atraumatic restorative treatment).

Mixing powder/liquid

  • Shake powder well before use! Mix one level measuring scoop of powder with one drop of liquid. 
  • This corresponds to a mixing ratio of 4.0 parts powder to 1 part liquid by weight. 
  • Hold dropping bottle in vertical position and place 1 drop of liquid onto a dry glass or plastic plate. 
  • Hold bottle high enough so that a single drop can fall down freely.
  • Only use drops without enclosed air bubbles! Mix the powder into the liquid in two equal portions using a clean metal spatula, or preferably with a clean plastic spatula. 
  • Only mix in the second portion when the first portion has been mixed in homogenously. 
  • The mixed cement has a firm, packable consistency. 
  • Avoid any contact with humidity! Never add new liquid during mixing! Mixing time working time setting time 50 - 60 s 2 - 3 min 4 - 5 min The mixing time takes approx. 50 - 60 s and should not exceed 1 min.


  • After application into the cavity VOCO lonofil Molar will set within approx. 2 - 3 min. 
  • During the placing of a filling the working area must be kept dry. 
  • The use of a rubber dam is recommended. 
  • Linings or build-up fillings can be carefully finished after setting (approx. 4 - 6 min after application). 
  • Glass ionomer cements are susceptible to humidity (breath, saliva) or, respectively, dehydration during the setting time, especially directly after application. 
  • If possible, cover immediately with a strip or matrix or apply a protective varnish. 
  • Finishing and polishing (flexible polishing discs) of the fillings should follow 7 min after application at the earliest. 
  • Afterwards, cover again with varnish. 
  • The best finishing results will be achieved approx. 24 h after the filling has been inserted.
  • Voco Ionofil Molar-Powder 15g: 1 x Powder 15g
  • Voco Ionofil Molar-Liquid 10ml: 1 x Liquid 10ml
Voco Ionofil Molar -Liquid/Powder
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