Voco Individo Lux - Maxillae 50 Pcs Transparent Blue

Tray Material
Brand : Voco
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Voco Individo Lux - Maxillae 50 Pcs Transparent Blue Voco Individo Lux - Maxillae 50 Pcs Transparent Blue


  • In transparent-blue or blue-opaque colour
  • Allows precise and economic processing
  • Non-sticky consistency
  • Light-cured with standard halogen light (e.g. Individo Light Box) or UVA lights

Individo Lux: Light-curing individual tray material in two colors

INDICATION: For the fabrication of individual trays from contoured plates for maxillae and mandibles.

STORAGE: Store at temperatures of 4 °C to 23 °C. & Store in cool conditions and protected from light.


  • Allow lndivido Lux to reach room temperature before use. Mark margins for the individual tray on the plaster model. If necessary, use a space maintainer. If a space maintainer is not necessary, insulate the plaster model.
  • Remove protective foil and mould plate onto the model, shape and cut the desired rim.
  • The transparency of lndivido Lux blue transparent allows very exact modelling. The excess material can easily be used for making a handle.
  • lndivido Lux is then polymerised on the model in a standard light unit (halogen or UV light). Depending on the thickness of the contoured tray, polymerise the reverse side for 3 - 5 min.
  • A longer polymerisation time will improve the physical properties of the material. Therefore, polymerisation time should be prolonged, if necessary.
  • The custom tray is then immediately ready to be used or worked. A slight inhibition layer, which may be caused by the oxygen in the air, can be removed with a tissue moistened with alcohol.
  • 50 x Transparent Blue Maxillae Pcs
Voco Individo Lux - Maxillae 50 Pcs Transparent Blue
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