Tehno Dent Relight Composite Syringe 4gm

Nano-Hybrid composite material
Brand : Tehno Dent
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  • Excellent polishing
  • Do not stick to instrument
  • Keeps stable at modeling

Universal Nano-Hybrid light cure composite


  • Restoration of all cavity classes according to Black classification
  • Core Build-ups
  • Restoration of tooth stump
  • Splinting
  • Composite restorations correction
  • Fabrication of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers)


  • Balance of particles size and disperse compound gives composite opalescence (visible light scattering) similar to tooth tissues and the ability to match with tooth color (Chameleon effect)
  • Carefully balanced consistnce of ReLight ensure modeling convenience and the ability to work in anatomically complicated tooth surfaces at restoration process. Material does not stick to instrument, easily adjust to cavity walls and remains stable while modeling.


Compressive Strength, MPa390
Flexural strength, Mpa130
Flexural modulus,Gpa9.5
Diametral tensile strength,Mpa65
Water absorption,µg/mm33.5
Volumetric Shrinkage,%1.8
Radio-Opacity,mm AI3.5

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Individual intolerance. Apply carefully to patients with allergy to methacrylates.

SIDE EFFECTS: As far as all terms of storing, transporting and application are observed, there are no other side effects.

METHOD OF USE: Material, stored at low temperatures, should be warmed at room temperature within 1 hour before use

  • 1 x 4gm Syringe
Tehno Dent Relight Composite Syringe 4gm
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