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Access Cavity Bur
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Fissurotomy Instruments are essential when removing decay in deep lesions because they preserve the healthy dentin. This reduces post-operative sensitivity and avoids unnecessary root canal procedures.” 

Fissurotomy instruments allow early diagnosis, conservative preparation and treatment of hidden fissure caries, often without the use of anesthesia.  Developed in collaboration with Temple University, the Fissurotomy bur head shape allows conservative exploration of fissures with a patient-friendly technique that is virtually pain-free and creates an ideal cavity form. You can explore and restore in just 3-5 minutes.


  • Tip of bur is smaller and more conservative than 1/4 round
  • Fine carbide tip will not strip quickly like thin diamonds
  • Virtually pain free to the DEJ... in most cases no anesthesia is needed
  • Ideal cavity preparation form for a flowable composite
  • Cleaner, more controlled and less costly than air abrasion
  • Multiple bur tip sizes to suit adult and deciduous teeth


  1. Fissurotomy® Original 
  2. Fissurotomy® Micro NTF 
  3. Fissurotomy® Micro STF

Fissurotomy Original

  • Head Length: 2.5mm  
  • Max Head Diameter : 1.1mm

Narrow Taper Fissure Fissurotomy NTF 

  • Head Length : 2.5mm  
  • Max Head Diameter : 0.7mm

Shallow Taper Fissure Fissurotomy STF 

  • Head Length : 1.5mm  
  • Max Head Diameter : 0.6mm
  • This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warranty.

SS White The Fissurotomy Bur Kit

  • 3 x Original Fissurotomy Burs  
  • 3 x Fissurotomy Micro NTF Burs
  • 3 x Fissurotomy Micro STF Burs  
  • 1 x Finishing Bur #7901 (needle shaped)
  • 1 x Finishing Bur #7406 ( egg shaped)  
  • 1 x Autoclavable Bur Block

SS White The Fissurotomy Bur Original: Pack of 1

SS White Fissurotomy Bur Micro NTF: Pack of 1

SS White Fissurotomy Bur Micro STF: Pack of 1

SS White Fissurotomy
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