Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft)

Non-Eugenol Polycarboxylate Temporary Cement
Brand : Shofu
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  • Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft) is a non-eugenol, polycarboxylate based temporary cement designed for temporary cementation of provisional crowns, fixed restoration and implant prosthesis, indirect pulp capping and temporary sealing of prepared cavities as an intermediate restorative
  • Contains the patented Hy-Agent additive with tannin-fluoride that seals dentinal tubules to prevent pulpal irritation 


  • Ensures easy removal with sufficient adhesive strength for short-term cementation.
  • Easy to mix, manipulate and apply.
  • Fast setting and easy to clean up
  • Minimum odour and taste


  • Temporary cementation of temporary crowns, etc
  • Indirect pulp capping, temporary sealing after cavity preparation
  • Temporary cementation of deciduous cavities



  • Copolymer of acrylicacid and tricarboxylic acid (Water solution) Deionised water
  • Others


  • Zinc Oxide (ZnO) >70%
  • Magnesia(MgO)
  • Silicon Oxide(SiO2)
  • Others

STORAGE: Store at room temperature (1-30 °C/34-86 °F). Avoid high temperature and high humidity. Keep away from direct sunlight.


  • Do not use this product on patients with known allergies to this product or polycarboxylate cement. 
  • Operators with known allergies to this product or polycarboxylate cement must not use this product.  
  • If any inflammation or other allergic reactions occur on either patient or operator, immediately discontinue use and seek medical advice. 
  • The liquid and mixture of this product should not come in contact with intraoral soft tissue, skin or eyes. In case of accidental contact with intraoral soft tissue or skin, immediately blot with alcohol moistened cotton ball and rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water and seek medical advice.  
  • This product contains free silica. Inhalation of free silica for long periods could cause damage to the lung. Use local dust extractor, dust protective mask, etc to avoid harmful influence of the dust on the human body.  
  • This product is intended for use by dental professionals only.
  • Shofu Hy - Bond Temporary Cement Soft Mini Set: 1 x  60gm Powder + 1 x 35gm / 30ml Liquid
  • Shofu Hy - Bond Temporary Cement Soft Set: 1 x  125 gm Powder + 1 x 70gm Liquid
Shofu Hy-Bond Temporary Cement (Soft)
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