Shofu Diamond Bur FG - Fine Grit (Red Banded Shank)

Diamond Bur Fine Grit
Brand : Shofu
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Size Packaging Price Quantity
F104R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F414SS Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F1215 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F1204 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F102R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F216 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F104 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F105R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F201R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F414S Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F440R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F215 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F204 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F1201R Pk of 1 Rs. 255
F414 Pk of 1 Rs. 255
  • High precision manufacturing of shofu diamond burs through computer automatic robotic technology gurantees uniform distribution of precise propertion of natural diamond particles onto a single high grade stainless steel shank for high accuracy and effortless cutting efficiency every time
  • Multi- coating technique coupled with special surface treatment reinforces the structural integrity of the diamond bur for consistent clinical performance , greater durability and minimized clogging.
  • Shofu diamond bur shank is smooth with accurate dimensions for a precise fit with no vibration and minimal strain on the turbine to assure durability of the handpiece cartridge.
  • Shofu diamond comprises the standard range of shapes in different grits as well as some special burs such as MI Diamonds, TPE burs, Hybrid / T&F Hybrid Points for various substrates - enamel , porcelain , composite, GIC, etc. and specific diamond disks/burs for laboratory use.


  • Uniform distribution of natural diamond particles ensure consistent performance
  • Different grit sizes available for various clinical applications
  • Shank and working end are produced from a single blank 

Fine Grit (Red Band): These diamond points are designed with large diamond particles 10 different shapes are available.

Specifically for: Fine finishing of tooth preparation and restorations

Available in 4 different grits:

  • SuperCoarse Grit: Black banded shank
  • Coarse Grit: Green banded shank
  • Regular/Standard Grit: Unbanded shank
  • Fine Grit: Red Banded shank
  • Superfine Grit: Yellow banded shank
  • Pack of 1 Bur
Shofu Diamond Bur FG - Fine Grit (Red Banded Shank)
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