Shofu Ceramage Gum Color Full Set

Ceramage Gum Color
Brand : Shofu
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The specially designed gum colors and effects simulate the intricate anatomical details of the natural gum.

  • The comprehensive range of Ceramage gum colours can be intermixed at different proportions to achieve the red-white aesthetic balance of each individual.
  • Developed in three distinct viscosities for fast and easy application during the reconstruction and characterization of the gingival areas.
  • Accurate reproduction of the natural tooth shade
  • Its abrasion resistance ensures molars are protected from the opposing dentition
  • Flowable Composite Resin suitable for adjustments to the build-up and repairing small areas
  • In combination with M.L. Primer produces a strong bond to any type of metal, including precious alloys
  • Natural aesthetics due to teeth-like light transmission
  • Abrasion-stable occlusal veneers
  • Pleasant viscosity and modelling properties
  • High shade security
  • Can be polished very well
  • High plaque resistance
  • Universal opaque with convincing covering characteristics and bond values to all alloys
  • Comprehensive range of translucent effect shades and fluorescent Lite Art paste stains.
This micro-ceramic polymer system contains 73% zirconium silicate fillers (PFS-Progressive Fine Structured Fillers) evenly distributed in an organic polymer matrix, to ensure a durable surface quality with excellent polish and high plaque resistance, ideal for both metal-supported and metal-free anterior as well as posterior restorations. Known for its ceramic-like image, Ceramage exhibits life-like aesthetics and exceptional translucency while its comprehensive shade spectrum enables the simulation of a wide range of surface textures and translucencies, as discrete as those seen in the natural teeth and gum.
  • 2 x 2ml Opaque
  • 1 x 4.6gm Translucent
  • 3 x 4.6gm Concentrate
  • 4 x 2ml Flowable Composite Resin
Shofu Ceramage Gum Color Full Set
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