Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus F03 Refill

Brand : Shofu
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  • Physical properties rival leading composites
  • Precise handling – Stacks without slumping and just stays put
  • Self-leveling, bubble free consistency, reduces instrumentation/polishing time
  • Superior adaptation ensure a tight marginal seal, decreasing voids
  • High radiopacity allows clear visibility during follow-ups
  • Fluoride release and recharge is ideal for high caries index patients
  • Beautifil Flow PLUS F03 (medium viscosity)has moderate flow to restore pits, gingival boxes, for surface modification and to apply as a base.
  • Features exceptional strength, optimal handling characteristics, predictable life-like aesthetics with an excellent shade match and superior polish for a durable clinical performance.
  • The specially designed syringe comes with a “flow on command” delivery with a secure pull back mechanism to ensure efficient and hygienic application without any wastage.
  • Continuous fluoride protection and unique anti-plaque effect helps provide resistance to bacterial colonization
  • Available in a spectrum of basic as well as additional bleach white (BW), enamel (INC) and effect shades for individualized aesthetics.

Beautifil Flow Plus is developed as a high strength flowable restorative to further enhance applications in direct cosmetic dentistry and is represented in discrete viscosities: F03 (moderate viscosity). A unique balance of the resin matrix and filler complex imparts superior mechanical properties for successful posterior as well as anterior applications

A base, liner and final restorative all in one!  Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable delivery system with strength and functionality that surpass leading hybrid composites


Restoration of

  • Minimally invasive anterior and posterior cavities
  • Class I through Class V cavities
  • Deciduous teeth
  1. Effortless sculpting of detailed cuspal and occlusal anatomy
  2. Creation of marginal ridge in a Class II cavity
  3. Repairing composite or ceramic restorations
  4. Shade adjustment and modification of direct and indirect restorations


  • S-PRG filler based on fluoroboroaluminosilicate glass
  • Polymerization initiator
  • Pigments and others


  • Natural Aesthetics with Superb Polish: Beautifil Flow Plus exhibits life-like aesthetics by mimicking the optical characteristics of natural enamel (light transmission) and dentin (light diffusion within the material). The basic shades have been optimized to exhibit a “chameleon effect” as they harmonize with the surrounding tooth structure without influence from the background
  • Stable Shade Spectrum: Beautifil Flow Plus features a range of basic and effect shades to provide individualized aesthetics
  • Enhanced Physical Properties: Beautifil Flow Plus exhibits superior flexural strength, exceptional wear resistance and high load threshold unlike a conventional flow. The highly strengthened resin matrix and densely packed filler complex impart exceptionally high physical and mechanical properties for a predictable application even in load bearing posterior restorations in harmony with conventional hybrids.
  • Exceptional Handling Characteristics
  • Flow on Command: Despite its high viscosity, Beautifil Flow Plus F00 is easy to dispense without any drag, can be stacked and effortlessly sculpted to perfection.
  • Unique Syringe Design: Clinical application is further enhanced with a secure pull-back mechanism for easy dispensing and retrieval of excess material. A Multipurpose Rubber Shield Cap provides suitable cover during multiple restorations while the 360º colour coded Rotary Grip enables multi-directional application even in hard to reach areas.
  • Remarkable Radiopacity: Radiopacity in a restorative material helps to evaluate restoration integrity and diagnose possible secondary infection. Beautifil Flow Plus exhibits remarkable radiopacity values of 2.3 Al:mm for ease of radiographic diagnosis.
  • Sustained Caries Protection: Beautifil Flow Plus has stable SPRG fillers that are reported to exhibit an anti-plaque effect while enabling fluoride release and recharge in response to fluoride concentration in the oral environment for continuous protection against bacterial colonization.
  • 1 x 2.2gm Ssyringe  
  • 5 x Needle Tips
Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus F03 Refill
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