Shofu Beautifil Flow F02 Refill

Flowable Composite
Brand : Shofu
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  • A unique flowable restorative material developed in two distinct viscosities Beautifil Flow F02 (Low Flow) and F10 (High Flow) while maintaining the same aesthetics, physical properties, filler load and particle size
  • BEAUTIFIL Flow F02 – created to offer moderate flow while retaining the shape, especially for restoring cervical areas and for minimally invasive restorations
  • Excellent aesthetics with good translucency and high surface polish, ideal for cosmetic touch up and surface modifications of aesthetically demanding cases
  • Fluoride release and recharge is advantageous when using as a base in conjunction with Beautifil II and the unique anti-plaque effect helps when treating patients with poor oral hygiene
  • Radiopaque with high elasticity and stable stress relaxation, syringe design; dispense on demand with no oozing of excess paste and 360° rotary finger grip for efficiency of application even in hard to reach areas


  • Excellent esthetic with high polishability: Beautiful Flow has been created to harmoze light transmission (as appears in enamel) and light diffusion (as appears in dentin) within the material to achieve an ideal shade match to suit any clinical case without the indluence of background color
  • Fluoride Release & Recharge
  • Similar mechanism as Giomers: As a feature of S-GPR fillers that has a stable phase of glass ionomers, Beautiful Flow has fluoride release and recharge that reversibly responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth similar to traditional glass ionomers without causing any material deformity.
  • Anti-Plaque effect


    • Anterior restorations
    • Base / Liner under direct restoration
    • Small, non occlusal stress-bearing restorations in posterior teeth 
    • Minimal Intervention like Class I , III or V
    • Gingival box of Class II
    • Blocking undercuts
    • Repair of composite or ceramic veneers
    • Adhesive cementation of laminate veneers
    • 1 x 2g Syringe
    Shofu Beautifil Flow F02 Refill
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