Shofu Beautibond

Self-Etching Bonding Agent
Brand : Shofu
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  • Offers a simple, safe and efficient application technique with high initial bond strength comparable with two step bonding systems
  • HEMA-free composition and unique dual adhesive monomers ensures secure bond to enamel and dentin while minimizing post-operative sensitivity with no gingival blanching and preventing aging caused by hydrolysis of the hybrid and adhesive layers
  • A very thin, bubble-free, 5μm bonding layer helps achieve superior aesthetics with a moreconservative approach in flat and shallow cavities with a secure marginal seal
  • Short and convenient application time of 30 seconds

An innovative self-etching HEMA-Free “All-in-One” 7th Generation bonding system designed to provide a stable and durable bond with both enamel and dentin for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.


Unique Dual Adhesive Monomers: Ensures a strong reliable consistent bond to both enamel and dentin

Single Application

  • Eliminates guess work 
  • Saves chair time

HEMA-free Formulation

  • Eliminates post-operative sensitivity
  • Provides stable & durable bond
  • Minimized gingival blanching

Predictability Even With A Thin Bonding Layer: Thin bubble-free bonding layer of 5µm • Facilitates easy adaptation of restorative


  • Acetone
  • Distilled water
  • Bis-GMA
  • Carboxylic acid monomer
  • Phosphonic acid monomer and others


Light-curing unitLight-curing time
Halogen10 sec.
LED5 sec.
  • 1 x 6ml Beauti Bond
  • 25 x V-Dish
  • Microtip Fine (Handle x 1, Application Tips x ;50)
Shofu Beautibond
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