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Riva Star is a new generation desensitiser that immediately relieves tooth sensitivity.


  • Desensitising cervical tooth hypersensitivity
  • Cavity Cleansing


Do not desensitise teeth with carious lesions

Do not use on patients undergoing thyroid gland therapy, who have a history of chemical allergies such as silver, fluoride, potassium, iodine, ammonia and methacrylates. Note: If in doubt, consult a doctor or an allergy specialist before use.


  • Using a non-fluoride prophylaxis paste in a rubber cup, clean the tooth/teeth to be treated and abutting teeth
  • Assess condition of teeth. Only teeth with sound dentine and enamel should be treated
  • Isolate area to be treated with cotton rolls
  • Dry teeth to be treated and adjoining gingival tissues
  • Apply a small amount of Gingival Barrier to the tissues, slightly overlapping the tooth (<1mm) and interproximal spaces
  • Light cure in a fanning motion. Note: Do not spot cure Gingival Barrier as this may cause burning of the soft tissues


  • For professional use only
  • Do not repeat treatment on pregnant or lactating women
  • Due to potential staining, it is recommended that anterior teeth not be treated unless diagnosing for caries
  • Patient must be informed of potential staining prior to treatment
  • When used as a desensitizer apply Gingival Barrier before applying Step 1 to avoid soft tissue burnAvoid contact of solution from silver capsule (Step 1) with oral tissue, eyes and skin. • Avoid contact of solution from green capsule (Step 2) with eyes
  • Do not desensitise teeth with carious lesions, unless a glass ionomer is used to cover over the treatment site
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not ingest
  • Solution from silver capsule (Step 1) will stain (see “HANDLING STAINS”)
  • Wear gloves and eye protection when handling
  • Single use only
  • Do not use after expiry date
  • Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dentist
  • Solution from silver capsule (Step 1) contains 0.06g / mL fluoride ions
  • Not to be used with resin based composite restorative material
  • SDS is available at or contact your SDI representative.


  • Do not pierce foil of silver capsule or green capsule until ready to use
  • Store in a cool and dark place at temperatures between 2° and 8°C (35° - 45°F)
  • Use at room temperature between 20° and 25°C (68° - 77°F

Riva star kit contains

  • 10 x Riva silver capsules
  • 10 x Riva green capsules
  • 2 x Gingival barrier
SDI Riva Star
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