Sdi Pola Office Plus

Bleaching Agent (37% Hydrogen Peroxide)
Brand : SDI
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The world’s fastest bleach: Minimal chair time is required. The total treatment will take less than 30 minutes. Less chair time means increased patient comfort, satisfaction, improved productivity and profitability. The unique 37% hydrogen peroxide formula ensures fast release of the peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process.

Pola Office+ is a hydrogen peroxide based in-office tooth whitening system requiring minimal chair time. It is a neutral pH gel and contains desensitizers to maximize patient comfort. The dual barrel syringe system mixes as the gel is applied directly to the tooth.


  • Whitening of discoloured vital teeth
  • Whitening of discoloured non-vital teeth


  • Do not use on pregnant or lactating women
  • Do not use on children under 14 years of age
  • Do not use the Gingival Barrier on any persons having known resin allergies
  • Do not use Pola Office+ on any persons having known peroxides allergies
  • Pola Office+ will not lighten any restorative materials
  • Do not use on patients with extremely sensitive teeth.

Instructions for vital tooth whitening

  • Determine and record pre-operative shade.
  • Clean teeth with ONLY a flour based pumice
  • Place cheek retractors and then cover exposed lip surface with petroleum gel
  • Dry teeth and apply Gingival Barrier to both arches, slightly overlapping enamel and interproximal spaces
  • Light cure in a fanning motion for 10-20 seconds until Gingival Barrier is cured
  • Firmly attach a mixing nozzle to the Pola Office+ syringe away from patient. Dispense a small amount of gel on to a mixing pad until a uniform gel is extruded
  • Using the nozzle as a guide, directly apply a thin layer of gel to all teeth undergoing treatment. A thin layer will help prevent the gel from running.
  • NOTE: It is best not to lift the nozzle when moving from tooth to tooth. Use a continuous motion
  • Leave gel on for 8 minutes (Optional: a curing light may be used at this stage, please refer to light manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Suction off using a surgical aspirator tip. Note: It is normal for a residue layer of gel to remain on the surface of the teeth
  • Repeat steps 7-9 three times (optional 4 times)
  • After the last application, suction all the gel off, then wash and apply suction
  • Remove Gingival Barrier by lifting it from one end
  • Record the final shade.

1 Patient Kit:

  • 1 x 2.8mL Pola Office+ syringes
  • 1 x 1g gingival barrier syringes
  • Accessories

3 Patient Kit:

  • 3 x 2.8 mL syringes of Pola Office+
  • 3 x 1g Gingival Barrier syringes
  • Accessories
Sdi Pola Office Plus
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