Prime Dent Composite Syringes 4.5gm

Resin-Based Hybrid Dental Restorative Material
Brand : Prime Dent
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Shade Price Quantity
A1 Rs. 449
A2 Rs. 449
A3 Rs. 449
A3.5 Rs. 449
B2 Rs. 449
OP Rs. 449
INC Rs. 449

Prime-Dent composite dental restorative material is based on BIS-GMA resin and inorganic filler particles with average particle diameter of 1.40 microns.It is a very esthetic,strongly radiopaque,highly filled and of very high strength,excellent color stability,abrasion resistance and high gloss polishability. It is recommended for use in class III and class V restoration and limited use in class I and class IV restoration. 


  • For class iii and class v restorations. 
  • For limited use in class i restorations in premolars.
  • Selected class iv restorations


  • Prime Dental Composite Kit is Highly filled, self- curing, resin hybrid.
  • Used in both anterior and posterior composite filling material.
  • It is convenient universal shade, paste/paste system.
  • A quick setting eliminates time spent with the incremental placement of light cure materials.


  • Cure for 40 seconds in case of lighter shade ( A1,A2,OP,INC)
  • Cure for 60 seconds in case of darker shade ( A3,A3.5,B2)
  • 1 x 4.5gm Syringe
Prime Dent Composite Syringes 4.5gm
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