Eugenol free Radiopaque paste
Brand : Pd
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It is Eugenol free, radiopaque paste (powder + liquid) for the permanent obturation of the infected root canals, specifically in presence of granuloma. It is Eugenol free, bactericidal, non resorbable and radiopaque preparation for the permanent obturation after pulpectomy and root-canal treatment, of infected root canals. It ensures the healing of the infection, the resorption of the granuloma and the regeneration of the peri – apical tissues. It is also used as a permanent obturation of non-infected (vital) teeth. It has a composition of Dexamethasone Acetate (0.1%), Phenol, Formadehyde, Gaiacol, Iodoform, Excipient.

  • Eugenol Free
  •  Permanent Obturation of the Infected Root
  •  Bactericidal and Non Resorbable


  • Permanent obturation of infected root canals, specifically in presence of a granuloma.
  • Permanent obturation of non-infected root canals.


  • It ensures in only one treatment : The healing of the infection, The resorption of the granuloma, The regeneration of the periapical tissues, The permanent obturation.
  • It enables direct coronal obturations with composites.


  • It is a Universal Compsition.
  • It is Eugenol Free Composition.


    Package Contents:
  • 20 gm Powder + 15 ml Liquid
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