Pd Endofill (15 Gm Powder + 15 Ml Liquid)

Root Canal Sealer
Brand : Pd
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Endofill is a radiopaque preparation for permanent root-canal filling. Its composition is well tolerated by tissues and it provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and germicidal actions. Before hardening, the paste penetrates the narrowest fissures and maintains its therapeutic effects throughout the treatment until completely set. The final obturation neither retracts nor resorbs. 


  • Powder thymol iodide 22.5%
  • Polyoxymethylene 2.2%
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Acetate 1%
  • Dexamethasone acetate 0.01%
  • Excipient ad 100%
  • Liquiod eugenol


  • Permanent obturation of the root-canal after pulpectomy 

Instructions for use:

  • clean the canal thoroughly and dry with hot air
  • mix the powde and liquid until to obtain a paste of  yhe required consistency
  • place the paste into the root canal with the aid of a probe or a rotay paste filler. Fill the canal completely , avoid ai pockets,do not protude beyond apex.  

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  • 1 x 15gm Powder
  • 1 x 15ml Liquid
Pd Endofill (15 Gm Powder + 15 Ml Liquid)
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