Neofill Ultra Composite Refill syringe

Resin Based Restorative Material
Brand : Neoendo
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Neofill Ultra Composite Refill syringeNeofill Ultra Composite kitNeofill Ultra Composite kit

Neofill™ Ultra resin based restorative material is visible light cured composite based on BIS-GMA resin & inorganic fillers with average particle diameter of 1.40 microns. The composite is high strength, abrasion resistant, highly radiopaque, esthetic with high gloss polishability and excellent color stability.


  • Direct restorations of class I to V cavities
  • Restoration of deciduous teeth


  • High viscosity, non-sticky hybrid formula that is easy to mold, sculpt and polish to a high gloss
  • High compressive strength, low shrinkage
  • Resistant to abrasion and staining
  • Highly radiopaque for easy radiographic diagnostics
  • Curing time 20 sec- 60 sec depending upon shade depth

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    1 x 4.5gm Syringes
Neofill Ultra Composite Refill syringe
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