Neofill Bonding Agent

Bond Composites And Compomers
Brand : Neoendo
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Neofill Bond Self Etch 7th Gen. (7ml)

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Neofill Bond 5th Gen. (3ml) Rs. 579
Neofill Bond Self Etch 7th Gen. (7ml) Rs. 1,750

Neofill Bonding AgentNeofill Bonding Agent

A 5th generation, single component, multi-use adhesive, which is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentin (wet bonding technique).

The adhesive incorporates aspects of a primer and bonding resin in a single bottle designed to bond composites and compomers to dentin and enamel as well as treated amalgam, metal and ceramic surfaces.

After etching, penetration and saturation of the dentin and enamel are accomplished in 2 to 3 coats.

7th gen light curing, self etching, all in one adhesive.

You perform etching, priming, bonding and desensitization in just one step.

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Neofill Bond Self Etch 5th Gen. (3ml)
1 x 3ml
Neofill Bond Self Etch 5th Gen. (5ml)
1 x 5ml
Neofill Bond Self Etch 7th Gen. (7ml)
1 x 7ml

Neofill Bonding Agent
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