Micro Mega Revo-S Assorted Kit

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Brand : Micro Mega
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Assorted Kit 21mm 21mm Rs. 1,749
Assorted Kit 25mm 25mm Rs. 1,749


  • Intended for initial endodontic treatments, Revo-S innovates with only 3 instruments
  • Its asymmetrical section initiates a snake-like movement of the instrument inside the canal
  • High performance and simple to use, this sequence is adapted for most root canal anatomies.

A customized treatment using 3 instruments:

  • Inactive tip
  • The extended helical machining up to the coronal region increases the instrument’s flexibility
  • Reduction of the contact lengths of the blade on the dentine: reduction of stress
  • Better debris elimination and more efficient cleaning owing to the asymmetrical cross section of the SC1
  • The SC2 instrument has a symmetrical cross section, with a .04 taper allowing better penetration. Its equilateral section (3 identical edges) ensures a perfect guidance of the instrument up to the apical region of the canal, owing to the balance of the forces
  • Respect of the canal anatomy to the apical region is guaranteed by the equilateral section of the SC2: no zipping
  • The excellent upward debris removal minimises debris packing in the apical region and beyond
  • The progressive pitch avoids screwing effects
  • SU smoothes the root canal walls. Due to its asymmetrical section, it recapitulates the action of the first two instruments SC1 and SC2, thus respecting the tapered shape of the canal. It performs excellent upward removal of the dentine debris and an improved cleaning. " An adequate canal preparation with an apical finishing of .06


  • Enables a better root canal penetration due to a “snake-like” movement = excellent progression of the instrument toward the apical region of the root canal.
  • Facilitates the elimination of debris upward the coronal thanks to the increased available volume for debris.
  • Avoids the grooves to be obstructed and thus avoids the extrusion of debris beyond the instrument tip and apical foramen.
  • Reduces the stress on the instrument thanks to the rippling movement of the file along the canal walls: no screwing effect, more flexibility, better ability to negotiate curves.


An asymmetrical cross-section: more flexibility and less stress:

  • The asymmetrical cross-section provides less stress on the instrument
  • The canal axis has 3 cutting edges located on 3 different radiuses: R1, R2 and R3
  • The smaller section allows more flexibility and offers a better ability to negotiate curves
  • The asymmetrical cross-section increases the available volume for upward debris elimination

The instrument works in a cyclic way (3C Concept):

1) Cutting
2) Clearance (debris elimination)
3) Cleaning


  • The extended cutting part in the coronal region increases instrument flexibility
  • Optimal upward removal of dentine debris.


 File LengthTaper
SC 125 mm0.06 taper
SC 225 mm0.04 taper
SC U25 mm0.06 taper
  • Pack of 3 Files(SC1, SC2 and SU)
Micro Mega Revo-S Assorted Kit
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