Micro Mega One Curve Rotary Files

Rotary Files
Brand : Micro Mega
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Name Length Size Price Quantity
Starter, Taper - 6% (Pk of 2) 21mm #25 Rs. 1,695
Starter, Taper - 6% (Pk of 2) 25mm #25 Rs. 1,695
Starter, Taper - 6% (Pk of 6) 21mm #25 Rs. 3,790
Starter, Taper - 6%, (Pk of 6) 25mm #25 Rs. 3,790


  • One single instrument for your root canal treatment
  • Reduced time for mechanical shaping
  • No need to buy a new motor
  • A sterile single-use instrument for no risk of cross-contamination
  • Scored blister - time-saving
  • Infection risk control


One Curve from Micro Mega gives you the advantage of one single instrument for root canal shaping.

One Curve was developed to respond to the need for efficient shaping whilst respecting the initial root canal anatomy.

One Curve allows for curved canal negotiation with an instrumental and easy dynamic. Its non-working safety tip ensures an effective apical progression avoiding obstructions which are often preceded by instrument separation.

C. Wire is a One Curve exclusive Nickel-Titanium treatment designed, developed and applied by Micro Mega which offers:

  • Dramatically increased flexibility and shape memory
  • 2.4 times more resistant to fractures caused by cyclic fatigue compared to the previous generation of files
  • Pre-bendable for easier acces to the root canal
  • Conservation of the curvature
  • USE 
  • Continuous rotation
  • Speed: 300 rpm
  • Torque: 2.5 N.cm
  • Direct downward movement
  • reduced treatment time
  • Treatment of simple and complex root canal anatomies
  • Micro Mega One Curve Starter 6% 21mm & 25mm #25 (Pk of 2): Pack of 2 Files
  • Micro Mega One Curve Starter 6% 21mm & 25mm #25 (Pk of 6): Pack of 6 Files
Micro Mega One Curve Rotary Files
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