Micro Mega Classic Rotary Glide Path Files / G Files

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Brand : Micro Mega
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Name Length Taper Price Quantity
G1 21mm 3% Rs. 2,185
G1 25mm 3% Rs. 2,185
G2 21mm 3% Rs. 2,185
G2 25mm 3% Rs. 2,185
G1 & G2 Assorted 21mm 3% Rs. 2,185
G1 & G2 Assorted 25mm 3% Rs. 2,185

Glide path development is an essential but time-consuming step  in endodontic treatment. G-Files™ is based on an innovative design to help the clinician safely save time in endodontic procedures. The superior cross-section of the G-Files™ combines efficiency and innovation. Along the length of the instrument, the G-File™ has cutting edges on three different radiuses leaving a large and efficient area for upward debris removal. Used after hand files have measured working length, G-Files™ safely enlarge the glide path in preparation for RCT with a rotary instrumentation system.


  1. Superior flexibility due to their small instrument diameters (n° 12 and n° 17) and their slight .03 taper.
  2. Electro-polished to optimize their efficiency in apical progression while aiding in upward debris removal.
  3. Enhanced circulation of the irrigation solution beginning from the initial phase of treatment.
Micro Mega Classic Rotary Glide Path Files / G Files
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