Meta Ergonomica Magnetic Mallet- All in One

Advanced minimally invasive oral surgery protocols with Magnetic -Dynamic Technology
Brand : Meta
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  • Magnetic Mallet is the most innovative surgical device able to improve working standards in dental surgery and implantology. 
  • Magnetic Mallet originates as an evolution of Summers’ osteotome technique, keeping all its advantages and eliminating all the drawbacks and the inconveniences of the manual practice.
  • It simplifies the procedures for you and your patients


    • No more BPPV Syndrome
    • Less trauma during surgery
    • Faster recovery
    • No bone loss
    • Improving poor bone quality
    • Better visibility and control
    • Simplified bone augmentation procedure
    • Precision in osteotome positioning and alignment
    • Higher initial implant stability
    • Limitation of bone milling
    • Creating more imlant sites
    • Elimination of sinus lift with CALDWELL-LUC 
    • Better access to posterior maxilla
    • Simplification of surgery on lower jaw 
    • Faster technique
    • Assisted implant insertion

    The whole range of bone expanders/osteotomes, cutters and surgery instruments for Magnetic Mallet has been designed in collaboration with a brain trust and are the outcome of clinical tests and relevant feedback


    • Speed: The magnetic-dynamic impulse delivers much more force than manual tools. This means increased effectiveness during a procedure. 
    • Precision: The kinetic energy forces are delivered precisely to the treatment area limiting dispersion to the craniofacial mass. This level of precision provides more comfort for the patient and greater accuracy for the doctor during the procedure. 
    • Directionality: The ergonomics of the hand piece allows the doctor to use only one hand to position the instrument exactly where needed, using a precise longitudinal movement that avoids deviations due to varying bone densities. 
    • Visibility: Because no irrigation is required and only one hand is needed for use, the doctor’s view has fewer obstructions. As a result, the instrument’s depth of penetration is easily monitored, more precise and controlled.
    • Control: In each procedure that the Magnetic Mallet isused, the forces are delivered in a precise, constant and predictable manner giving the doctor total control during the procedure. 
    • Cold: The Magnetic Mallet does not generate heat inthe bone; therefore, there is no need for irrigation. The mechanical friction between the instrument and the bone are developed within microseconds, a time frame not sufficient to increase the bone temperature.
    • Drill Free And Cut Free Procedures: It moves, replaces, re-shapes, condenses the bone. It never removes the bone, leaving soft tissues untouched.


    • Supplied with magnetic mallet: 6 X Bone expanders
    • Suitable for bone augmentation and compression: Available with 100, 200 and 300 mm diameter on the tip
    • Suitable for augmentation of the implant site: Available with 230, 330 and 360 mm diameter on the tip: 1 X Beaver
    • Fitted for the initial cut of the bone crest, 73.5 mm long: 1 X Cutter
    • Designed for bone crest expantion: 1 X Inserter
    • To insert the dental implant: 1 X Exractor
    • For abutment and root extraction

    COMPOSITION: All instruments are made of A630 surgical grade stainless steel


    • Horizontal and vertical ridge expansion
    • Split crest
    • Bone compaction
    • Sinus lift
    • Roots and abutment extraction
    • Insertion of post extractive implants
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    • Control unit  
    • Osteotome Handpiece
    • Osteotome - standard kit tray  
    • Footswitch
    Meta Ergonomica Magnetic Mallet- All in One
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