Mani Silk Rotary Files

Rotary Files
Brand : Mani
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Length Type Price Quantity
21mm (Ass.) Simple Rs. 1,230
21mm (Ass.) Standard Rs. 1,230
21mm (Ass.) Complex Rs. 1,230
25mm (Ass.) Simple Rs. 1,230
25mm (Ass.) Standard Rs. 1,230
25mm (Ass.) Complex Rs. 1,230

Mani Silk is a revolutionary nickel-titanium endodontic file system that possesses a smooth and tactile feel and provides efficient and safe canal shaping with a minimum number of instruments

  • Establish and/or confirm apical patency: Mani D Finder hand files are pre-curved and used to negotiate the canal to the apex and achieve apical patency. Once apical patency is determined and/or the clinician reaches the estimated working length (determined from #1 above), an electronic apex locator can be used to determine the true working length.
  • Prepare a glide path: The Mani hand files of choice (D Finders, K-files, SEC O K Files—safe ended hand files) are then used to prepare a glide path to the true working length. A glide path has been prepared when a #20 hand K-file spins freely at the apex.
  • Prepare the Canal: Using MANI SILK FILES, the canal is generally prepared from a smaller tip size to larger using the tactile recommendations and suggested motor settings 500rpm / 300gf・cm (≒3.0 Ncm). MANI SILK FILES are used in a three-second continuous and controlled passive insertion to resistance and removed. The canal is irrigated and recapitulated with a small hand file and the next Mani Silk file in the sequence is inserted in the same manner.


  • Speed: 500RPM
  • Torque: 300 g-cm
  • Reciprocating Files


  • Simple: 8% 25/6% 25/6% 30
  • Standard: 8% 25/6% 20/6% 25
  • Complex: 8% 254% 20/4% 25
Mani Silk Rotary Files
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