UDG M3 Large Tapered Files - for Hand Use

Heated activated Niti materials
Brand : UDG
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Size Length Price Quantity
Sx 21mm Rs. 1,249
Sx 25mm Rs. 1,249
S1 21mm Rs. 1,249
S1 25mm Rs. 1,249
S2 21mm Rs. 1,249
S2 25mm Rs. 1,249
F1 21mm Rs. 1,249
F1 25mm Rs. 1,249
F2 21mm Rs. 1,249
F2 25mm Rs. 1,249
F3 21mm Rs. 1,249
F3 25mm Rs. 1,249
F4 21mm Rs. 1,249
F4 25mm Rs. 1,249
F5 21mm Rs. 1,249
F5 25mm Rs. 1,249
Sx-F3 21mm Rs. 1,249
Sx-F3 25mm Rs. 1,249


  1. Traditional Pro Taper 6 files system.
  2. Enhanced resistance to cyclic fatigue.
  3. Crown down preparation.
  4. Heat sensitive material.


  1. Measure the length & negotiate the canal by #10 stainless steel K File.
  2. Negotiation by #15 stainless steel K files.
  3. Use SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3, step by step with hand use.

Tip: It is necessary to sterilize, irrigate when changing a file.

  • 21mm, 25 mm, 31 mm
UDG M3 Large Tapered Files - for Hand Use
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