J Morita Vitapex

Premixed calcium hydroxide paste with iodoform
Brand : J Morita
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  1. Vitapex can be injected directly and flows easily into tight, curved, accessory canals.
  2. The proper consistency of Vitapex provides perfect filling without any bubbles.
  3. Vitapex shows excellent radiopacity & anti-bacterial properties.
  4. The main advantage is that it resorbs from the apical tissues in 1 week to 2 months.
  5. Vitapex is apparently harmless to permanent tooth germs.
  6. It can be easily inserted and removed from the root canal as it does not set.
  7. If the material goes beyond the then apex there will not be any problem as it is resorbable and nontoxic to periapical tissues.
  8. Zinc oxide and Eugenol set into hard cement that resists resorption.
  9. Vitapex does not set unlike zinc oxide and eugenol paste.
  10. Vitapex can be removed for retreatment.
  11. Calcium hydroxide - 30% activates blast cells aiding abiogenesis.
  12. Iodoform - 40.4% is bacteriostatic and increases radiopacity.
  13. Silicon oil - 22.4% acts as a lubricant, ensures complete coating of canal walls, makes it nonsetting.
  14. Overfilling does not cause any problem because Vitapex is completely resorbable.


Vitapex is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy or RCT. This paste is packaged in a convenient syringe to eliminate messy mixing.


  • Premixed Paste: for immediate use with minimal material waste and clean-up
  • Syringe tip delivery: for excellent access and control during placement
  • Formulated with iodoform: for incresed radiopacity and antibacterial effect
  • Treatment options: can also be used with gutta percha and root canal cements
  • Economical: up to 50 fillingss per syringe
  • Prefilled syringe, containing 2.0 g of paste
  • Light-proof storage case, 20 tips and accessories
J Morita Vitapex
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