Ivoclar Tetric N-Flow

Flowable Composite
Brand : Ivoclar
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Dentin A3.5 Rs. 999


  • Excellent wetting behaviour allows for convenient application in all areas
  • Outstanding stability – ideal for Class V restorations
  • High level of radiopacity for a sound diagnosis


Tetric N-Flow is a light-curing, radiopaque flowable nano-hybrid composite based on nano-optimized technology. Tetric N-Flow is based on 10 years of tradition and the clinical performance of Tetric Flow. Because of the material’s outstanding wetting ability even in areas that are hard to reach, it is particularly suitable for use as a cavity liner and for small cavities of any kind. At the same time, the material offers outstanding stability and is thus ideal for Class V restorations.

Tetric N-Flow is the ideal complement to Tetric N-Ceram for an esthetic restoration.

Tetric N-Flow is available in 10 shades – 6 enamel, 1 dentin, 1 incisal, and 2 bleach shades. It is supplied in both syringes and Cavifils.


  • As the initial layer underclass I and II restorations
  • Anterior restorations (Classes III, IV)
  • Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Small restorations of all types
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Adhesive cementation of translucent ceramic and composite restorations


Application of Tetric N-Flow

  • Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill can be applied in increments of up to 4 mm thickness.
  • Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill must be covered with a layer of methacrylate based universal or posterior composite (e.g. Tetric N-Ceram/Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill/IPS Empress Direct).
  • Proximal contacts must be established by means of a matrix system. The filling material does not exert any pressure on the matrix band. The matrix band can be shaped with a suitable hand instrument (e.g. a ball type condenser) before and/or during light-curing.
  • Complete polymerization requires a sufficiently long exposure time. For the recommendations regarding exposure time and light intensity see table.
  • When using a metal matrix, additionally polymerize the composite material from the buccal or lingual/palatal aspect after removing the matrix, if no Bluephase N polymerization light is used or the light probe cannot be ideally positioned, e.g. distant to composite or diverging scattering angle.  
 Unit Programm   Bluephase N  Bluephase NM  Bluephase NMC
 High Power10 s (1200 mW/cm2 )15 s (800 mW/cm2 )15 s (800 mW/cm2 )
 Soft Start15 s------------
 Low Power20 s (600 mW/cm2 )------------
Light intensityExposure time
 ≥ 500 mW/cm220 s
 ≥ 1‘000 mW/cm210 s
  • 1 x 2gm syringe
Ivoclar Tetric N-Flow
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