Ivoclar Ivoclean Paste

Cleaning Paste for Prosthesis
Brand : Ivoclar
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Ivoclar Ivoclean Paste


Effective: Ivoclean allows you to effectively clean the saliva-contaminated bonding surfaces of restorations and thus create the basis for a strong, durable bond between the adhesive luting material and the restoration.


Ivoclean performs its action on all dental restorative materials:

  • Glass-ceramics
  • Zirconium oxide ceramics
  • Aluminum oxide ceramics
  • Precious metal alloys
  • Base metal alloys
  • Lab-fabricated composite restorations

Shake bottle before use.

Independent of whether or not the restorations have been conditioned beforehand, they should be cleaned according to the following cleaning protocol:

  • After try-in, thoroughly rinse the restoration with water spray and dry with oil-free air
  • Cover the entire bonding surface of the restoration with a layer of Ivoclean using a micro brush or bush
  • Allow 20 seconds for the cleaning action of Ivoclean to take effect, then thoroughly rinse with water spray and dry with oil-free air
  • Next, prime the bonding surface of the restoration with a suitable bonding agent (e.g. Monobond Plus). Make sure to observe the instructions for use of the bonding agent and the luting material used.


  • Contamination of the restaoration with saliva or blood must be absolutely avoided after cleaning with Ivoclean. In the case of contamination, the entire treatment of the restoration must be repeated
  • After cleaning, the bonding agent must be reapplied to surfaces that were previously silanized and primed.

COMPOSITION: Dispersion of metal oxide particles in water.


  • If the stipulated working technique cannot be applied
  • If cleaning is performed intraorally.
  • For the cleaning of restorations which have come in contact with silicone-based pastes


  • Store Ivoclean at 2-28°C (26-82 °F).
  • Storage stability can only be guaranteed, if the product is stored at the temperature indicated.
  • Close bottle immediately after use.
  • Shelf life: see expiry date on label.
  • 1 x 5g Bottle
Ivoclar Ivoclean Paste
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