Ivoclar Ips Empress Direct Cavifil Promo Pack

Light-curing, nano hybrid composite
Brand : Ivoclar
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  • Wide range of indications for anterior and posterior teeth
  • Wide range of shades in various degrees of translucency
  • Not bound to one given layering technique
  • Good polishing properties and high surface luster
  • Lifelike fluorescence
  • Low sensitivity to light
  • Compatible with Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric Color
  • The shade guide of the system is autoclavable and made of ceramic: the shade guide retains its precision over many years      as the shade samples do not fade if they are exposed to light


PS Empress Direct is a highly esthetic composite for filling cavities in anterior and posterior teeth. It is available in five different translucency levels. Therefore, different types of anatomical features can be faithfully reproduced.


  • Anterior restorations (Class III and IV)
  • Posterior restorations (Class I, II)
  • Cervical restorations (Class V, e.g. cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shaped defects)
  • Adjustment of tooth position and shape (e.g. diastema closure, closure of interdental “black triangles”, lengthening of the  incisal edge)
  • Direct veneers.


  • Step 1. Clean the teeth prior to shade determination.
  • Step 2. Isolation Adequate relative or absolute isolation using suitable auxiliaries.
  • Step 3. Cavity preparation is carried out according to the requirements of the adhesive technique, i.e. protecting the tooth structure. Do not prepare any sharp internal edges nor additional undercuts in caries-free areas. The cavity geometry is mainly determined by the extend of caries and/or the old restoration. Enamel edges in the anterior region are beveled. In the posterior region, only sharp enamel edges should be rounded (finishing diamonds, 25-40 μm). Subsequently, all residue in the cavity is removed with water spray. The cavity is dried with water- and oil-free air.
  • Step 4. Pulp protection / Base Do not apply a base material when using an enamel/dentin bonding agent. Only cover very deep areas close to the pulp with a calcium hydroxide material (e.g. ApexCal®) and subsequently use pressure-resistant cement (e.g. glass ionomer cement, such as Vivaglass® Liner). Do not cover other cavity walls, since they can be used to support the bond with an enamel/dentin adhesive.
  • Step 5. Placement of a matrix / interdental wedge
  • Step 6. Conditioning / Application of the bonding agent
  • Step 7 Application of IPS Empress Direct – Since a large number of IPS Empress Direct Dentin and Enamel shades in different translucencies for the creation of anatomical details are available, any layering technique can be creatively used to achieve highly esthetic restorations.
  • Apply IPS Empress Direct in layers of max. 2 mm (or 1.5 mm Dentin shades) thickness. Sufficient exposure to the curing light prevents incomplete polymerization. Recommended curing times (exposure time) should be used. Hold the light emission window as closely as possible to the surface of the restorative material.
  • Step 8. Finishing / Checking the occlusion / Polishing Remove excess material with suitable finishers or fine diamonds after polymerization. Remove proximal excess with diamond finishers, tungsten carbide finishers, finishing strips, or flexible finishing discs.
  • Step 9 Check the occlusion and articulation and apply appropriate grinding corrections to prevent premature contacts or undesired articulation paths on the surface of the restorations. Use silicone polishers as well as polishing discs and polishing strips to polish the restorations to a durable high gloss.


  • The monomer matrix is composed of dimethacrylates (20-21.5 wt%, opalescent shade 17 wt%).
  • The fillers contain barium glass, ytterbium trifluoride, mixed oxide, silicon dioxide and copolymer (77.5-79 wt%, opalescent shade 83 wt%).
  • Additional contents: additives, initiators, stabilizers and pigments (<1.0 wt%).

Light intensity- IPS Empress Direct Effect cure with light in the wavelength range of 400-500 nm.

Particle size- of the inorganic fillers is between 40 nm and 3 μm with a mean particle size of 550 nm.


  • If a dry working field cannot be established, or if the stipulated technique cannot be applied.
  • if a patient is known to be allergic to any of the ingredients in IPS Empress Direct.

     Storage –

  • Storage temperature 2-28 °C / 36-82 °F.
  • Close syringes/Cavifils immediately after use.
  • Exposure to light causes premature polymerization.
  • Promo Pack: 10 x 0.2g
  • Dentin shades: 1 x A1 + 1 x A2 + 1 x A3
  • Enamel shades: 1 x A1 + 2 x A2 + 2 x A3
  • 1 x Trans Opal + 1 x  Trans 30
Ivoclar Ips Empress Direct Cavifil Promo Pack
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