Gc Reline Soft Intro Kit

Denture Relining Material
Brand : GC
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  • Cartridge delivery for simple, direct application
  • Retains elasticity and acts as an excellent shock absorber
  • Choice of softness depending on clinical needs
  • Silicone chemistry means no temperature increase during setting and no smell
  • Strong adhesion to the denture
  • High patient acceptance
  • Ideal for implant cases
  • Excellent clinical performance

Gc Soft Liner Denture Relining Material: Acrylic temporary relining material for the temporary rebasing (relining) of acrylic dentures & tissue conditioning

  • Surfaces remain smooth and clean over time
  • Suitable for both chairside and laboratory relining


  • For the temporary rebasing (relining) of acrylic dentures
  • Tissue conditioning


  • In rare cases the product may cause sensitivity to some persons
  • If such reactions are experienced, discontinue the use of the product and refer to a physician


Patient Friendly: The use of addition silicon technology offers patients several important benefits

  • Patients can resume social activities within minutes
  • No plaque and bacterial deposits – a familiar problem with methyl methacrylates as a result of porosities
  • Simple and problem-free cleaning of relined denture

Ease of Handling

  • Optimised working time with a snap set means the relining can be finished and polished just 5 minutes after commencing the application
  • The finished surface is smooth and comfortable. Small adjustments can be made with GC RELINE MODIFIER

 Bond strength

  • GC PRIMER R provides a strong and durable bond between the relining material and denture acrylic.

GC Reline Soft

  • Helps to compensate resorption processes
  • Resilient – acts as a cushion between the denture and oral tissue to buffer masticatory pressure and solve anatomical problems



  • Clean the contact surface thoroughly using pumice and water and abrade the area to be relined.


  • The standard powder/liquid ratio is 2.2 g/1.8 g, (first graduation on powder measure to 4 graduations of the liquid syringe). Note Consistency may be varied by changing the powder/ liquid ratio.
  • Measure into the glass jar and mix for 30-60 seconds.


  • Coat the mixture onto the denture as evenly as possible.
  • Insert the denture in the mouth, muscle trim, and retain it in the centric occlusal position for 4-5 minutes.
  • Remove and inspect for defects.
  • Dip the denture into cold water, and trim away excess at the periphery with a heated sharp instrument.
  • 1 x 62g (48ml) Reline Soft Cartridge  
  • 1 x 6 Universal Mixing Tips II size L (Blue)
  • 1 x (12g) 13 ml Reline Primer  
  • 1 x Reline Modifier A & B 10g (9ml) each
  • 1 x Reline point for Trimming  
  • 1 x Reline wheel for Finishing
  • Accessories: Brush no. 7, Plastic spatula, Mixing pad, Sponge
Gc Reline Soft Intro Kit
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