Gc Micro Lamination Technique Pack

Technique pack
Brand : GC
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EXTRA fast setting

  • The fastest setting glass ionomer on the market, with a final finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes from the initial mix
  • This faster final set saves valuable chair time and provides improved stability against water, an important feature in challenging oral environments

EXTRA fluoride

  • Offers six times the initial fluoride protection of previous versions and maintains an excellent marginal seal
  • It works faster than ever before to prevent the further development of caries

EXTRA translucency

  • Formulated to provide a more aesthetic restoration
  • The unique SmartGlass filler offers improved translucency for more natural shade matching with the existing tooth structure

EXTRA strong performance

  • Robust physical properties maximize durability for optimum performance

Micro Lamination is a simple technique that evolved as high technology coating materials have developed. Micro Lamination means you can now toughen and aesthetically enhance your Fuji iX GP extra restorations.


  • G-coat Plus further enhances the fracture toughness, wear resistance and clinical performance of Fuji iX GP extra which is ideally suited to restoration of initial lesions in both primary and permanent dentition.


  • Fuji iX GP eXTra is a water-based cement that retains a perfect balance both during and after placement causing no shrinkage or shrinkage stress.
  • Water tolerance during placement and strong chemical bonding provides consistency of seal with no sensitivity.


  1. Class I and II restorations in deciduous teeth.
  2. Non-load bearing Class I and Class II restorations in permanent teeth.
  3. Intermediate restorative and base material for heavy stress situations in Class I and Class II cavities using a sandwich laminate technique.
  4. Class V and root surface restorations.
  5. Core build-up.


  • Step 1: Tap capsule on a flat surface to fluff the powder.
  • Step 2: Activate the capsule by depressing the button on the bottom.
  • Step 3: Prime the capsule by placing in the Capsule Applier and clicking once
  • Step 4: Place the capsule in a high-speed amalgamator and triturate for 10 seconds.
  • Step 5: Place capsule in applier for delivery


Working Time1 minute, 15 seconds
Setting Time2 minutes, 30 seconds
Curing MechanismSelf
Compressive Strength (in 1 day)255
Translucency (in 1 day)22
Surface Hardness (in 1 day)72
Flexural Strength (Mpa) (in 1 day)25
Fluoride ReleaseYes
Gc Micro Lamination Technique Pack
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