Gc Elite 100 Zinc Phosphate Cement

Luting Cement
Brand : GC
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Elite 100 is unbeatable in terms of its physical properties such as strength, film thickness, and low solubility. It complies with ADA Specification (Type 1, fine grain) and is registered in the certified ADA listings.

INDICATION: Cementation of crowns, bridges, and inlays.

ADVANTAGE: High Film Thickness Low solubility


Powder and liquid dispensing

  • The standard powder to liquid ratio is 1.45g / 0.5mL. b) For accurate dispensing of powder, lightly tap the bottle against the hand.
  • Do not shake or invert.
  • Close bottles immediately after use.


  • Dispense powder and liquid onto a heavy glass slab.
  • Using a stainless steel spatula divide the powder into 3 equal portions. Incorporate one portion of powder into ALL the liquid and spatulate thoroughly for 10 seconds. Successively incorporate the remaining portions and spatulate thoroughly.
  • The total process should take 60-90 seconds. Working time is 3-4 minutes from the start of mixing (Temperature: 23±1°C, Relative humidity: 50±10%).

Note: The correct consistency is obtained when the mixture lifted with the spatula is drawn out into a slender peak, breaks, and resettles slowly into the main mass.

Cementation Technique

  • Prepare teeth using standard techniques.
  • Clean with pumice and water only. Wash and dry but DO NOT DESICCATE. DO NOT REMOVE SMEAR LAYER. For pulp, capping use calcium hydroxide.
  • Clean and dry inside of the casting.
  • Mix the required amount of cement.
  • Coat internal surface of restoration with 1mm of cement and start to seat within 30 seconds of completing the mix. (DO NOT OVERFILL). Higher temperatures will shorten working time.
  • Net setting time is 7 minutes 10 seconds from the end of mixing. Remove excess cement at the first formation of the gel stage.


POWDER% by wtLIQUID% by wt
zinc oxide88phosphoric acid50-60
magnesium oxide12water37
powder to liquid ratio1.45g / 0.5mL.
mixing time60-90 sec
working time from start of mixing3-4 minutes
setting time from end of mixing time7 min 10 sec

STORAGE: Store at temperature of 4-25°C (39.2-77.0°F).

  • 1 x 35g Powder  
  • 1 x 30g Liquid
Gc Elite 100 Zinc Phosphate Cement
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