Edge Endo Edge Glide Path Rotary Files 25mm 2% #17 (Pack of 4 Files)

Rotary Files
Brand : Edge Endo
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EdgeGlidePath Files are made with FireWire Heat-Treated NiTi


  • Used to form the GlidePath before EdgeEndo NiTi rotary or reciprocating files.


  • Form straightline access to the canal orifice.
  • Use a #10 K-file to establish the working length with an apex locator and/or radiograph.
  • Confirm patency with the #10 K-file.
  • Irrigate frequently with EdgeLube, 17% Liquid EDTA.
  • Use EdgeGlidePath Files in one or more passes until the working length is reached.
  • Irrigate with EdgeLube, 17% Liquid EDTA.
  • Shape the canal with EdgeEndo rotary or reciprocating files.


  • Use of a rubber dam system before use is advised.
  • EdgeGlidePath Files are intended for single use only to avoid file separation.


  • Exercise caution in canals that merge, divide, and/or have curvatures.
  • For personal safety, wear protective equipment such as gloves, glasses, mask,etc.
  • Irrigate the root canal copiously and frequently during the procedure.
  • Lubricants such as EdgeLube and EdgeGel are recommended while using all NiTi rotary files.
  • Before using EdgeGlidePath Files take a #10 hand file to the working length.
  • EdgeGlidePath Files should be used with an endodontic motor at a speed of 300-500 rpm, torque setting of 2-5.2 Ncm, and using light apical pressure.
  • Pack of 4 Files
Edge Endo Edge Glide Path Rotary Files 25mm 2% #17 (Pack of 4 Files)
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