Edge Endo Edge File X5 Assorted -21mm & 25mm

Edge File
Brand : Edge Endo
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Length Size Price Quantity
21mm Assorted Rs. 2,047
25mm Assorted Rs. 2,047

The instrument is made of an Annealed Heat Treated (AHT) nickel-titanium alloy brand named Fire-Wire. All files are constantly tapered.


  • Compatible: EdgeFile is fully compatible with your current system meaning a seamless transition.
  • Incredible Strength: Amazing strength means the confidence to tackle any case.
  • No Bounce Back: FireWire NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Heat-treated FireWire NiTi gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves.

INDICATIONS: Endodontics for the removal of dentin and root canal shaping. It is compatible with the WaveOne reciprocating file system and must be used in the WaveOne motor and handpiece system using the WaveOne motor setting.

PRECAUTIONS: As with all products, use carefully until you become proficient with use. Always determine working length using radiographs and/or apex locators to properly use reciprocating files. Important points to remember.

  • Use only in an electric motor and handpiece designed for the WaveOne instruments.
  • Do not use EdgeFile X1 in a traditional rotary handpiece
  • Straight-line access is imperative for proper reciprocating file use and endodontic treatment.
  • Do not force the files down canals, use minimal apical pressure.
  • Clean the flutes frequently and at least after removing the files from the canal.
  • Irrigate and lubricate frequently the canal throughout the procedure.
  • Take each reciprocating file to length only one time and for no more than one second.
  • In apical areas and curved canals exercise caution.
  • EdgeFile X1 files are single patient use devices.
  • When instrumenting the canal, do not over-enlarge the coronal portion of the canal.
  • Too large a file taken to length increases the risk of canal transportation and file separation.
  • EdgeFile X1 undergoes our proprietary Annealed Heat Treatment (AHT) forming our branded Fire-Wire NiTi which increases cyclic fatigue resistance and torque strength. With this proprietary processing, EdgeFile X1 files may be slightly curved. This is not a manufacturing defect. While the file can be easily straightened with your fingers, it is not necessary as once they are inside the canal, the EdgeFile X1 will follow and conform to the natural canal anatomy and curvatures.
  • Twice the Cyclic Fatigue
  • Average Time to Failure in Seconds
  • Cyclical fatigue test was performed using a custom test system with each file rotated at 500 RPM while 3mm of the file tip was inserted in a test block with a 90° curvature. Time to failure (seconds) was measured for each instrument.

Edge Endo Edge File X5 21mm -Assorted (Pack of 6 Files)

  • 1 x 4% #20 File + 1 x 6% #20 File + 1 x 4% #25 File
  • 1 x 6% #25 File + 1 x 4% #30 File + 1 x 6% #30 File

Edge Endo Edge File X5 25mm -Assorted (Pack of 6 Files)

  • 1 x 4% #20 File + 1 x 6% #20 File + 1 x 4% #25 File
  • 1 x 6% #25 File + 1 x 4% #30 File + 1 x 6% #30 File
Edge Endo Edge File X5 Assorted -21mm & 25mm
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