DMG Honigum Putty & Light Body

Putty & Light Body
Brand : DMG
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DMG Honigum Mono Auto Mix Rs. 2,044
DMG Honigum Mono Mix Star Rs. 5,499
DMG Honigum Mix Star Putty Rs. 5,499
DMG Honigum Heavy Mix Star Rs. 5,499
DMG Honigum Light Body Rs. 2,340
DMG Honigum Heavy AutoMix Rs. 2,044
DMG Honigum Putty Rs. 6,699
DMG Honigum Putty with light body Rs. 8,495


  •  Honigum-Putty offers extraordinary recovery after deformation thus facilitating a precise reproduction of the oral situation. Precise detail reproduction is guaranteed.
  • Thanks to the DMG-developed Snap-Set technology the new Honigum-Putty offers a so far unrivaled combination of comfortable working time and a short time in the mouth. Its generous working time reduces the »mix stress« to a minimum.
  • Deformations due to already set material are prevented, and micro-movements are reduced by the quicker cross-linking. For the patient, the shorter time in mouth translates into significantly more comfort during the treatment.
  • Honigum-Putty is an impression material based on addition curing silicones. The material is available as a hand-mix version and in the ready-to-use pre-filled MixStar cartridge, which is suitable for use in the DMG MixStar-eMotion and other commercially available mixing machines.
  • Honigum MixStar Putty is a dynamically mixed true putty. It is the first VPS impression material with a putty consistency available in a MixStar cartridge.


  • Unique Snap-Set technology (long working time and a short time in mouth)
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Prevents mixing stress
  • No premature setting of the material
  • Short time in the mouth
  • High patient comfort
  • Reduced micro-movements
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Highest precision


  • Crown and bridge impressions
  • Inlay and Onlay impressions
  • All types of pickup impressions, e.g. for implants and telescopes


Double-mix impressions

  1. Fill the tray with Honigum-Putty.
  2. Syringe the preparation with Honigum-Light. Observe the associated instructions for use! Note: The filling of the tray and syringing should be completed at the same time as the higher temperature in the mouth leads to a quicker setting of the syringed material compared to the tray material.
  3. Position the filled tray in the mouth within the working time, slowly and using very little force, and allow the impression to form.
  4. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has elapsed,


  • Crown and bridge impressions
  • Inlay and Onlay impressions



  • Rinse off residues of retraction solutions thoroughly with water because they can increase the setting time in some instances
  • Never allow the impression to come into contact with organic solvents or liquids containing solvents as this may result in a swelling of the material and may therefore lead to inaccuracies in the cast
  • Never allow the impression material to come into contact with latex gloves. DMG recommends the use of PVC or PE based gloves.
  • Do not mix Honigum-Putty with condensation curing silicone or polyether impression materials.


  • Vinyl polysiloxanes
  • Hydrogen polysiloxanes
  • Silicium dioxide
  • Pigments
  • Additives
  • Platinum catalyst
  • Honigum Putty: 2 x 450ml jars
  • Honigum Mix Star Putty: 1 x 380 ml mix star cartiridge
  • Honigum  Heavy Mix Star: 1 x380 ml mix star cartiridge + 10 x MixStar Tips
  • Honigum Heavy Automix: 2 x 50ml cartirides + 6 x AutoMix Tips
  • Honigum Mono Mix Star: x 380 ml mix star cartiridge + 10 x MixStar Tips
  • Honigum Mono Auto Mix: 2 x 50ml cartirides + 6 x AutoMix Tips
  • Honigum Light Body: 2 x 50ml cartridges (Dispensing Gun & Tips Compatibility : 1:1)
DMG Honigum Putty & Light Body
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