Dentsply Dycal Calcium Hydroxide.

Radio Opaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Brand : Dentsply
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Dycal Calcium Hydroxide.

Dycal® Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pulp-capping, and as a protective base/liner under dental filling materials. It will not inhibit the polymerization of acrylic and composite restorations.

Based on the original Dycal® formulation, Dycal® Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition provides potential for improved esthetics, as well as clinically proven performance. Dycal® offers improved physical properties with higher compressive strength and lower solubility than the original Dycal® product that serves as the standard in calcium hydroxide materials. The quick set time and excellent handling characteristics of Dycal® have helped make it the #1 selling calcium hydroxide composition.


  • Proven Clinical Efficacy.
  • High Early Strength.
  • Excellent Handling Characteristics.
  • Available in Dentine or Ivory Shade.


  • Strong at critical time of condensation.
  • Shown to protect the pulp and promote the formation of secondary dentine to engender confidence in performance.
  • Easy to place, with ability to flow where needed while it stays in place when necessary.
  • Your choice of the traditional appearance in Ivory or Dentin shade which allows for natural looking esthetic restorations.


  • Mixing time : 10 seconds.
  • Working time : 2 minutes 20 seconds.
  • Setting time : 2½ to 3½ minutes.
  • Mixing Ratio : Base:Catalyst 1.17g : 1.0g.


  • Dentsply Dycal Calcium Hydroxide.
  • 11 gm Catalyst
  • 13 gm Base
Dentsply Dycal Calcium Hydroxide.
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