Dentsply Ah 26 Silver Free Root Canal Sealant

Root Canal Sealer
Brand : Dentsply
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AH 26 powder and resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity. As a result of its close adaptation to the root canal walls and its very small contraction during setting, AH 26 allows tightly sealing root canal obturation of excellent tissue compatibility.


  • Suitable for all obturation techniques Starter
  • Resin-based, non-acrylic, eugenol-free sealer
  • Suitable for cold and warm obturation techniques.
  • Working time 4-6 hours.
  • Setting time 9-15 hours outside the tooth.

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Working time: 4-6 hours
Setting time: 9-15 hours


  • Powder contains: Bismuth trioxide + Calcium hydroxide + Hexamethylenetetramine + Titanium dioxide
  • Resin Contains: Bisphenol-epoxy resin


  AH 26 AH Plus
Application form Powder/liquid Paste/paste
Radiopacity Very high Very high
Dimensional stability Very good Very good
Solubility Very slight Very slight
Discolorations In part None
Release of formaldehyde Yes None
Tissue compatibility Very good Very good
Removability Only mechanically Yes
  • 1 x 8gm Powder  
  • 1 x 10gm Resin
Dentsply Ah 26 Silver Free Root Canal Sealant
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