Dental Avenue Avue Bond Dual

Dual cure bonding system 
Brand : Dental Avenue
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  • Avuebond is a dual-cure bonding system consisting of the two components Avuebond dual part A and avuebond dual B that are to be mixed before application (part B is an activator).
  • The strong adhesive of vagabond dual to etched enamel or dentine proceeds on principles similar to glass incomer cement. Good, long-lasting adhesive strength and good bio-compatibility are attained by poly-carboxylic acids. Avuebond dual dual can be used on a slightly moist dentine surface (wet bonding technique).


  • It is designed for strong bonding of light cure, self & dual cure composites to etched enamel and dentine and too precious/non –precious metals.
  • It can also use for priming the root canals before the cementation of endodontic posts with self –or dual-cure composites.


  • Do not apply the material in cases of allergies to any of the components


  • Step 1: Apply avuebond dual part A generously with a brush onto the enamel and dentin surface for 30 seconds with agitation. The material should build a homogeneous layer.
  • Step 2: Remove excess material carefully.
  • Step 3: Dry cautiously with oil-free air for about 15 seconds to remove all volatile components and to disperse the adhesive to a layer. Do not dedicate the dentine.
  • Step 4: Cure the avuebond dual part A with a suitable light-curing unit for 20 seconds before the application of a second’s layer of avuebond dual part A.
  • Step 5: Do not rinse off the aveubond dual part A if not used immediately, place dispensed avuebond dual part A in subdued light to prevent premature polymerization by incident light.
  • Step 6: The avuebond dual part A will not self-cure. Apply again the avuebond dual part A generously with a brush onto the adhesive surface as described above. Before placement of a light cure composite 
  • 1 x 5ml Part-A bond  
  • 1 x 5ml Part-B bond  
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Dental Avenue Avue Bond Dual
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