Coltene Solocem Transparent

Self Adhesive Resin Cement
Brand : Coltene
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Coltene Solocem Transparent - Refill 2.5ml/5g Syringe Rs. 2,600
ColteneSolocem Transparent - Trial Kit 5ml/10.5g Syringe Rs. 4,400

Secure cementing does not depend on the number of working steps. Self-adhesive SoloCem achieves reliable values – with no additional bonding. This is the result of monomers contained and the composite-like formulation. The convenient automix syringe and the ready-to-use mixing tips offer a simple and time-saving application of SoloCem.

    Easy and fast application: SoloCem saves you time without having to forego reliable bonding. MDP and 4-MET(A) monomers ensure good bonding values on a range of different materials without requiring a separate adhesive. This simplified form of application reduces the risk of potential error sources which could affect the bond and thus the quality of the entire restoration.

    • Self-adhesive properties
    • Fluorescent
    • Automix syringe and ready-to-use mixing tips
    • Intraoral processing time of approx. 60 seconds
    • Easy removal of excess material (after light curing for 3 seconds)

    INDICATIONS: The easy handling of SoloCem offers advantages in a number of indications. You can count on the self-adhesive properties of SoloCem for the permanent cementation of:

    • Crowns (ceramic, metal, composite)
    • Bridges (ceramic, metal, composite)
    • Inlays (ceramic, metal, composite)
    • Onlays (ceramic, metal, composite)
    • All types of endodontic posts
    • Implant abutments (zirconium oxide and titanium) 


    • Methacrylates
    • Zinc oxide
    • Dental glass


    Flexural strength115 Mpa
    Compressive strength190 Mpa
    Radiopacity4 mm Al / mm
    Coltene Solocem Transparent
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