Coltene Roeko Gingiva Liquid

Brand : Coltene
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  • An astringent, styptic solution with 10 % aluminium chloride hexahydrate. Risk of cardiovascular problems as it does not contain Epinephrine.


  • Electrosurgery
  • Retraction cords
  • For the treatment of the gingiva before taking an impression
  • To impregnate retraction cords.


  • 1ml of aqueous solution contains 100 mg of aluminium chloride hexahydrate


  • Step 1: Thoroughly moisten the required length of dry, non impregnated retraction cord with the aid of the dosage applicator
  • Step 2: After preparing and drying the tooth the retraction cord is placed closely around the cervix and eased carefully into the sulcus using a small retraction cord packer or spatula.
  • Step 3: During the following preparation for the impression, the mechanical effect of the cord, supported by the effect of aluminium salt, results in a definite retraction of the gingiva.
  • Step 4: After approximately 1 – 3 minutes the sulcus is opened and any bleeding which has been caused during preparation work is halted, so that immediately after removal of the retraction cord the impression, in particular, to reproduce the cervical preparation margin, can be taken
  • Step 5: The area which has been treated with Gingiva Liquid should be rinsed with water after the impression has been taken.


  • Gingiva Liquid with aluminium chloride hexahydrate should not be used in case of acute gingivitis or acute necrotizing ulceritic gingivitis.
  • The use of Gingiva Liquid in the inflamed area should be considered carefully, weighing the benefits against the risks, as the retraction of the gingival margin could cause tissue damage to a certain extent.


  • Gingiva Liquid has a bitter taste due to the aluminium chloride hexahydrate
  • 1 x 10 ml bottle
Coltene Roeko Gingiva Liquid
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