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Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge for the prophylaxis of wound infections and secondary bleeding after extractions. Gelatamp contains colloidal silver and is therefore distinctly different from pure gelatine sponges. The silver leads to a broad antibacterial effect over the entire absorption time and gives gelatamp its specific brown color.

  • Rapid initial hemostasis
  • Stabilization of the coagulum
  • Broad bactericidal depot effect
  • Complete resorption


  • Fast initial hemostasis
  • Stabilization of the coagulum
  • The broad antibacterial effect due to colloidal silver
  • Complete absorption


  • Hardened gelatine Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg
  • Colloid silver Ph. Eur. 0.5 mg


The treatment of alveoli and wound cavities, e.g. after

  • Extractions
  • Apical amputations
  • Maxillary sinus perforations
  • Other surgical treatments (removal of tumors or retained teeth)

Prophylaxis of

  • Secondary cavity formation
  • Wound infections
  • Secondary hemorrhage prophylaxis as well as a dressing after gingivectomy and in periodontopathies


  • Rapid initial hemostasis following extractions is an important step in initiating wound healing.
  • The hemostatic process forms a coagulum which is the decisive link to the resulting granulation tissue which finally replaces the coagulum.
  • Disturbances in wound healing often occur if the coagulum is not formed, a formed coagulum is destroyed or if it is lost due to inappropriate postoperative patient behavior.
  • The use of Gelatamp counteracts these influencing factors in various ways and has been proven to reduce disturbances in wound healing.


  • Gelatamp is supplied sterilized and ready for use. The size of the small sponge can be adjusted to fit the wound cavity if need be.
  • Two Gelatamp sponges can be used for larger wounds. Care must be taken that the sponge is not compressed.
  • Pressure on the sponge will destroy its structure and prevent the collection of blood within it.
  • After extraction blood should be allowed to accumulate in the alveolus... cut Gelatamp to correct size... place Gelatamp in the wound and suture.
  • The dry sponge is immediately placed in the fresh, blood-filled wound cavity and should be allowed to absorb as much blood as possible.
  • The sponge must not protrude over the inner gingival margin so as not to adversely affect the desired epithelisation.
  • This constitutes definitive treatment of the alveolus and there is no need for subsequent rinsing

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  • Sponge absorbs the blood in the wound with 55-75-times its own weight without expanding. No unpleasant feeling of pressure in the wound. Gelatamp supports rapid haemostasis. The sponge absorbs a multiple of its own weight in blood, fills the wound cavity and stabilises the blood coagulum.
  • Thrombocyte aggregation The sponge structure enhances the aggregation of blood platelets and promotes haemostasis.
  • Stabilisation of coagulum Contraction of the coagulum is prevented, and thus the occurrence of secondary cavities or gaps. Prevents disturbances to wound healing .Gelatamp fits tightly to its surroundings and prevents the formation of gaps and secondary cavities which could occur through contraction of the blood coagulum without Gelatamp. 
  • Broad antimicrobial depot effect Silver ions are released throughout the entire absorption period. Silver is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.  The ingress of burdened saliva is reduced, and thus the risk of wound infections. In addition, the silver ions of the colloidal silver in the sponge are activated. Ag+ ions are highly reactive in a moist environment and counteract the survival or multiplication of bacteria in numerous ways. As silver is bound in the gelatine, it is not washed out, but released successively when the sponge is resorbed. 
  • Full resorption within 4 weeks, perfectly adapted to the healing period. Placement of the sponge is the final treatment of the wound.The difference is the depot effect of Gelatamp – the antibacterial effect of the gelatine sponge acts over the entire resorption period and thus effectively prevents wound infections. The silver in Gelatamp acts locally and not systemically, resulting in good tolerability
  • Pack of 20 pcs (14x7x7 mm size)
Coltene Roeko Gelatamp
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