Coltene Jet Bite

Bite Registration (A-Silicone)
Brand : Coltene
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JET BITE is an A-silicone-based impression material for use in dentistry with an automatic mixing device. Easy handling and ideal stability facilitate the bite registration

Coltene Jet Bite Coltene Jet Bite
Coltene Jet Bite


  • Smooth mousse-like consistency- No resistance to closure, no rebound
  • High dimensional stability- No distortion
  • Saves time- Minimizes occlusal adjustments

INDICATIONS: Impression material for bite registration: registration of centric occlusion.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Provided that the product is used as directed, there are no known contra-indications.


  • Dispense the bite registration material directly onto the occlusal surface of the lower teeth and move mandibula into central occlusion
  • Always check intraorally if the material has set before removing the registration
  • High temperatures accelerate and low temperatures slow down setting
  • Inspect the models for projections (bubbles) from voids in the impression 
  • Remove these bubbles before articulating the models since these projections may prevent the proper seating of the bite registration
  • Once the impression of the bite has set and has been removed from the mouth, it is vital that all gingival contact be trimmed down with a sharp knife to remove any undercuts
  • Trimming the bite registration in this manner will prevent any rebound when the models are articulated
  • Removing the gingival contact will also permit visual inspection to make certain that the bite registration is properly seated
  • The material may be used in the „closed mouth“ or „preoccluded“ technique
  • Guide the patient into centric before  applying JET BITE


  • Smooth mousse-like consistency - No resistance to closure, no rebound
  • Jet Bite fast 70 seconds total working time
  • Working time maximum 20 s
  • Oral setting time minimum 50 s
  • 2 x 50ml Cartridges  
  • 12 x Mixing tips  
  • 12 x Spreader tips
Coltene Jet Bite
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