Coltene Hanel Articulating Paper

Articulating Paper
Brand : Coltene
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Coltene U-Shaped Articulating Paper Rs. 600
coltene stripe articulating paper Rs. 710

For the first stage of testing, to differentiate between areas of high and low masticatory pressure

  • progressive markings: the lower the masticatory pressure, the lighter the marking and vice versa
  • available as strips in a practical dispenser box
  • occlusal adjustment is simplified by the progressive markings
  • antistatic - easy to handle

Articulating Paper 80 μ + 40 μ: For medium-fine testing

Available on rolls, or and U-form sheets for easy, quick, and precise marking. The use of tweezers is not necessary.

  • double-sided
  • papers are available in blue color
  • deep colors for a good marking


Doughing time (23 C)     9 min   Impact resistance :  9.9kj/m2
Working time (23 C)     10min   Flexural strength :  90 MPa
Curing time Stage 1 90 min at 73 C   Flexural modulus :  2510 MPa
Curing time Stage 2 30 min in boiling water   Water sorption :  6ug/mm3
Mixing ratio:  21 g/10 ml   Solubility :   1 ug/mm3
  • 1 x 110ml Separating Sheet CMS 0 
  • 1 x 275ml Liquid  
  • 1 x 450g Powder
Coltene Hanel Articulating Paper
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