Coltene Brilliant Ng Refills

Universal Nano Composite
Brand : Coltene
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Shade Type Price Quantity
A3/D3 Dentin Rs. 1,200
Bleach (WB) Enamel Rs. 1,200
A3.5/B3 Enamel Rs. 1,200
Bleach (WB) Dentin Rs. 1,200
A3.5/B3 Dentin Rs. 1,200
A1/B1 Dentin Rs. 1,200
A4/C4 Enamel Rs. 1,200
A1/B1 Enamel Rs. 1,200
A4/C4 Dentin Rs. 1,200
A2/B2 Dentin Rs. 1,200
C2/C3 Enamel Rs. 1,200
A2/B2 Enamel Rs. 1,200
C2/C3 Dentin Rs. 1,200

BRILLIANT NG is a universal composite aimed at simplifying the technique of application, achieving excellent aesthetic results. Its pre-polymerised particle filling, in addition to high nanometric particle content, produces optimum consistency for manipulation and modelling along with a noticeable decrease in shrinkage and easily achievable high gloss surfaces. Its Duo Shade system allows it to obtain two shades from the same syringe, simplifying the selection of colour and inventory of syringes.

  • Colors: A great variety of dentin to quickly obtain aesthetic characteristics, and which makes it easy to choose the enamel. Outstanding aesthetic result.
  • Handling: This is its key characteristic, it adapts to the surface being restored, maintaining its viscosity and facilitating packing with any instrument.
  • Polish and Finish: Excellent polishability in few steps. Brilliant surfaces that blend in with the adjacent dental substrate.


  • Easy to model, non-sticky consistency
  • Insensitive to surgical lighting
  • Reduces shrinkage due to pre-polymerised particles
  • Simplicity in choice of colour

Nano-Hybrid Universal Composite: Owing to its optimized particle distribution, BRILLIANT NG is indicated both for the anterior region with its high aesthetic demands such as polish and finish and for the posterior region with its extraordinary resistance to the forces of chewing and abrasion. Indications: direct, semidirect and indirect restorations (veneers or inlays).

Enamel and Dentine Shade Natural Layering Technique: Both shades mimic the colour, opacity and fluorescence of natural tissues. Applied in two layers (dentine and enamel), they imitate the tooth's internal structure and ensure lasting natural aesthetics.

Natural Fluorescence: The shades Dentine and Enamel provide different fluorescent characteristics based on the natural fluorescence of tissues to guarantee perfect aesthetics even under fluorescent or ultra-violet light.

Outstanding Handling Characteristics: The inclusion of nano-particles and pre-polymerised particles achieves an optimum particle size distribution. This is what makes BRILLIANT NG a product which is easy to manipulate and model, and which is not sticky.

Quickly and Easily Polished and Finished: Polishing and finishing BRILLIANT NG is easy and needs less clinical time. It brings extraordinary results to shine and durability


Brilliant NG is indicated for:

  • direct filling of class I, II, III, IV, and V cavities
  • repair of composite/ ceramic veneers
  • blocking out of undercuts
  • adhesive cementation of ceramic and composite restorations


  • Initial Situation
  • Corrective waxing and construction of silicon putty guide
  • Centre-right incisor acid etching
  • One Coat Bond SL application
  • Restoration of functional height
  • Palatal support using BRILLIANT NG Enamel
  • Flexural Modulus: 9,000 MPa
  • Flexural strength: 128 MPa
  • Water absorption: 19μg/mm3
  • Water solubility: 0.6 μg/mm3
  • Radioopacity: 2 mm Al
  • Abrasion index: 2.58
  • Vickers hardness: 76 kg/mm2
  • 1 x 4g Refill
Coltene Brilliant Ng Refills
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