Cerkamed Chloraxid 5,25% Bottle

Irrigation Solution for root canal treatment
Brand : Cerkamed
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  • It cleans the canal, removes the smear layer in order to expose dentinal tubule orifices before canal filling.
  • It prevents the teeth from the discoloration that might occur after filling.

CHLORAXID 5,25% is intended to use during endodontic treatments as the liquid for irrigating & cleaning of root canals. During mechanical canal widening, it removes the non-vital pulp debris.

Easy product identification and safe application:

  • In order to make the work easier and to make the identification of products faster, we offer sets of labeled syringes ready to use with our products.
  • These are the highest quality syringes labeled with the product name and color code: the color of the label on the syringe is adequate to the color of the product label on the device.
  • This solution reduces the risk of mistakes and makes product identification faster during work.
  • To increase the safety of working syringes is equipped with a Luer-lock type thread that enables connection with the needle by screwing it onto the syringe.
  • Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidental spillage of the product during application. Rubber ring on the plunger ensures perfect control and smoothness of moving when taking and applying the product.

Bottle with adapter:

  • As the only one producer worldwide we have introduced bottle with adapter making it easier to take the liquid into the syringe
  • Screw the end of the syringe into the opening of the adapter located in the neck of the bottle, tilt the bottle and draw the liquid directly into the dispensing syringe.
  • It eliminates the risk of the liquid spillage while taking the product and prevents the chlorine evaporation.
  • Chlorine vapors may act irritating to the respiratory system.
  • With the adapter, you can use all types of disposable syringes available on the market – both Luer and Luer-lock type.


    • During the mechanical canal widening, it removes the remains of dead pulp.
    • It cleans the canal and removes the smear layer to expose the dentin root
      canal orifices before final filling.
    • It prevents discoloration of the teeth that might occur after filling the non-rinsed root canal.


    • Sodium hypochlorite (5,25% of active chlorine)
    • Water

    Chloraxid 5,25% 200ml Bottle

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    Cerkamed Chloraxid 5,25% Bottle
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